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  • R
  • 2009
  • 5.1  (574)

Lonely Street is a 2008 dark comedy film directed by Peter Ettinger and starring Jay Mohr, Robert Patrick, and Joe Mantegna. The story revolves around Bubba Mabry, a private detective hired by Elvis Presley, who faked his own death and has been living a secret life in Los Angeles. The film opens with Bubba Mabry (Jay Mohr) struggling to make ends meet as a private detective. He is hired by a mysterious woman to track down a man named Johnnie Scopes. Bubba quickly discovers that Johnnie Scopes has been murdered and he starts to connect the dots. As he investigates further, Bubba realizes that the case may lead him to Elvis Presley himself.

Meanwhile, Elvis (played by Joe Mantegna) is living incognito under the name Mr. Aaron, selling trinkets and memorabilia in a rundown shop on Lonely Street. However, things take a turn for the worse when a big-time record executive, played by Robert Patrick, is targeted by a stalker threatening to expose his dark secrets. Fearing for his life, the record executive hires Bubba to track down the stalker.

Bubba's investigation leads him to Lonely Street, where he discovers Elvis' true identity. With Elvis' help, Bubba sets out to solve the case and catch the stalker before it's too late.

As the plot thickens, Bubba finds himself entangled in a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal. The film is filled with twists and turns, often leaving the audience guessing until the very end.

The performances in the film are top-notch, with Jay Mohr delivering a strong performance as the bumbling detective with a heart of gold. Joe Mantegna is also great as the aging icon, bringing depth and nuance to the character of Elvis Presley. Robert Patrick rounds out the cast with a solid performance as the sleazy record executive caught in the middle of it all.

The film is shot primarily in black and white, giving it a classic film noir feel. The cinematography is evocative and captures the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles perfectly.

The soundtrack of the film features several Elvis Presley classics as well as other songs from the era, adding to the overall ambiance and tone of the film.

In conclusion, Lonely Street is an enjoyable and quirky dark comedy that blends humor, mystery, and suspense into an entertaining film that will keep you guessing until the end. With excellent performances from the cast and stylish direction from Peter Ettinger, Lonely Street is definitely worth watching.

Lonely Street
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