Love and Honor

Love and Honor is the final film of the Twilight Samurai series. The film centers around Shinnojo who is a low level samurai during the Edo period. After becoming bored with his job as the official food taster for his feudal lord, Shinnojo decides that he is going to open up a Kendo school and teach the way of the sword. Before he is able to make his dream come true, a bad batch of food kills his lord and leaves him blind from the toxins. Unsure of what he is going to do in order to survive him and his faithful wife struggle to make a new life for themselves.

| 2007 | 1 hr 58 min | 7.7/10
Takuya Kimura, Rei Dan, Mitsugorô Bandô, Takashi Sasano
Yoji Yamada
Produced By
Junichi Sakamoto, Takeo Hisamatsu, Hiroshi Fukazawa, Ichiro Yamamoto
Love and Honor
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Also starring Takuya Kimura

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