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  • R
  • 1997
  • 6.6  (1,388)
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Lucie Aubrac is French historical biopic that was written by Claude Berri based upon the novel by Lucie Aubrac about her life. Also directed by Claude Berri, the film features Carole Bouquet in the title role, Daniel Auteui, Patrice Chereau and Eric Boucher. The story takes place during the World War II French Resistance in Lyon during 1943. Despite being pregnant, the fearless Lucie (played Carole Bouquet) leads a heroic charge at the head of a raid. Her aim is to free her Resistance leader husband. He has been condemned by the Gestapo and they have plans to put him to death very soon.

The Gestapo witnesses that are involved are all presumed to be dead (one is played by Klaus Barbie). Lucie ultimately confronts the local Nazi officials in a tension filled confrontation. She is not sure if they will lock her up as well, with plans to kill her.

In an effort to gain access to her husband inside, she claims to be pregnant by one of the other men that they are holding prisoner. She says she desires to be married so that her child will not be illegitimate and so the baby will have his name.

Tension mounts when Lucie meets with her husband with the Nazis in very close proximity. Her husband claims to be another person in order to protect Lucie and himself. She is perplexed, however, why he denies that he even knows her. Regardless, he must understand that it is time to admit what his real identity is, or risk death.

The plan includes hijacking a truck that will take him from the prison to where the wedding ceremony will take place.

They draw a map that shows the intersection of two streets. Then they devise a plan for the partisans to drive their vehicles so that they block the front of the truck. The others plan to kill the guards and the driver. Raymond Aubrac is to escape with fellow prisoners.

Lucie Aubrac
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