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  • 2021
  • 6.2  (825)

Making Spirits Bright is a heartwarming Christmas movie from 2021 that captures the true essence of the holiday spirit. The film stars Taylor Cole, Carlo Marks, and Sarah Surh; their performances bring a perfect balance of emotions that will make you laugh and cry throughout the movie. The plot focuses on Lauren (played by Taylor Cole), who is a successful event planner living in New York City. She is dedicated to her work, and due to her busy schedule, she doesn't have time for anything else in her life, including relationships. When Lauren is tasked with organizing a Christmas event in her hometown in Colorado, she reluctantly agrees to go, hoping to wrap up the project quickly and return to her fast-paced life in the city.

However, things don't go according to plan as she reconnects with her ex-boyfriend, and old feelings start to resurface. The ex-boyfriend, Travis (played by Carlo Marks), is a small-town guy who runs a Christmas tree farm and has never left their hometown. The chemistry between Lauren and Travis is undeniable, and as they work together to make the event a success, they both start to realize that they might still have feelings for each other.

The film also introduces us to Sarah Surh's character, Becky, who is a single mother to a young boy named Max. Becky is struggling to make ends meet and provide a memorable Christmas for her son. Her financial difficulties and caring for her son has kept her away from the dating game. She also happens to be Travis's sister, which means Lauren gets to spend more time with Travis than she initially planned.

As the event draws nearer, Lauren, Travis, Becky, and Max all work together to make it a memorable one. Through their journey, we see how love can heal old wounds, bring people together, and make the impossible possible.

One of the strengths of Making Spirits Bright is its emotional depth. The movie has well-rounded characters that have a realistic and genuine portrayal of their problems in life. The script is well written, and the dialogue is engaging, thanks to the talented cast that delivers their performances exceptionally well.

The cinematography of the movie is also visually stunning. The snowy landscapes of Colorado are a picturesque backdrop to the story. The gentle and constant snowfall brings out the Christmas spirit in the audience.

Another strong point of the movie is the chemistry between Taylor Cole and Carlo Marks. Their romantic relationship is portrayed with genuineness and sincerity that will pull at your heartstrings. They have excellent banter and a natural chemistry that makes their on-screen romance feel real.

Making Spirits Bright is a movie that will make you feel good about the world around you. It's a love story that brings together Christian values and the true meaning of Christmas. It's a reminder that life puts us on different paths and that even if we think we know what we want, sometimes the universe has other plans for us. It's a story about hope, believing in oneself, and the power of love.

In conclusion, Making Spirits Bright is a must-watch movie this holiday season. It's a feel-good story that will leave you with a warm feeling in your heart. The film will make you laugh and cry, and it's a perfect portrayal of what Christmas is all about. The talented cast, beautiful scenery, and a compelling story all work together to create a perfect holiday movie. Whether you're watching it alone or with loved ones, Making Spirits Bright is a movie that you'll cherish for years to come.

Making Spirits Bright
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