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Maniac, also called Sex Maniac, is a horror film that was written by Hildegarde Stadie as an adaptation of The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe. Directed by Dwain Esper, the cast includes Bill Woods as Don Maxwell, Horace B. Carpenter as Dr. Meirschultz, Ted Edwards as Buckley, Phyllis Diller as Mrs. Buckley, Thea Ramsey as Alice Maxwell, Jenny Dark as Maizie, Marvel Andre as Marvel, Celia McCann as Jo, John P. Wade as the Embalmer and Marian Blackton as the Neighbor.

The story follows Don Maxwell (played by William Woods) who formerly worked in vaudeville as an impersonator. He now works as Dr. Meirschultz's (played by Horace Carpenter) lab assistant. The doctor is a mad scientist trying to bring back the dead.

After a time working for the doctor, Don eventually murders Dr. Meirschultz. He attempts to hide the crime by trying to take over the doctor's identity. He pretends and botches the work of the doctor. He also copies the doctor's manner and appearance.

People are convinced he is the doctor. However, his actions become more sinister over time. All the while, Don is very slowly becoming insane. No one is really aware of it since they believe him to be the doctor.

The imposter doctor begins to treat mental patient, Buckley (played by Ted Edwards). He injects Buckley with adrenaline accidentally. The drug causes Buckley to have very violent physical fits. Buckley's wife (played by Phyllis Diller) finds the real doctor's body. She then concocts and executes a blackmail scheme to get Don to turn her husband into a zombie.

The fake doctor turns on her and manipulates her into getting into altercations with his ex-wife (played by Thea Ramsey) who is a former showgirl. When Goof, the cat breeder and neighbor becomes aware of what is happening, he alerts police. They stop the fighting and find the real doctor's body by following the sounds of the cat, Satan.

| 1934 | 51 min | 3.5/10
Bill Woods, Horace B. Carpenter, Ted Edwards, Phyllis Diller
Dwain Esper
Produced By
Dwain Esper, Louis Sonney, Hildegarde Stadie

Also directed by Dwain Esper

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