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"The Lamp of the Tomb"
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Marhi Da Deeva is a Punjabi-language drama film from 1989, directed by Surinder Singh and starring Raj Babbar, Deepti Naval and Parikshit Sahni. The movie explores the themes of love, loss, and societal stigmas in rural Punjab. The story centers around a young couple, Gurbaksh (Raj Babbar) and Gurmeet (Deepti Naval), who are deeply in love. However, their love is not accepted by the village due to their caste differences. Gurmeet is from an upper-caste family while Gurbaksh belongs to a lower-caste family. Despite the society's disapproval, they marry each other in secret and start their life together.

Soon after their marriage, Gurmeet dies in a tragic accident. The whole village blames Gurbaksh for Gurmeet's death and ostracizes him. Devastated and alone, Gurbaksh begins living on the outskirts of the village, near a freshwater spring. He spends his days in isolation and sadness, constantly thinking about his lost love, Gurmeet. The spring becomes his only solace, and he starts to believe that it is a living entity that holds his Gurmeet's soul.

One day, Gurbaksh's solitude is disturbed by a group of strangers. The group comprises of a Sikh man (Parikshit Sahni) and his mother. The Sikh man brings Gurbaksh stories from the outside world and starts to form a friendship with him. The Sikh man's mother also develops a liking for Gurbaksh, and they start cooking food for him. Slowly but surely, Gurbaksh starts to come out of his shell and starts to enjoy their company.

The story takes a turn when the Sikh man's mother tells Gurbaksh that the spring belongs to her family, and they want him to vacate the area. Gurbaksh finds this unbearable, as he feels that the spring is his only link to Gurmeet. He refuses to leave, and this leads to a conflict between the two.

The conflict escalates when the Sikh man's mother goes to the village head and seeks his help in getting Gurbaksh to vacate the area. The village head decides to exploit the situation and threatens to use force if Gurbaksh doesn't leave. Gurbaksh, who has now become emotionally invested in the spring, refuses to budge. The situation becomes tense, and the outcome hinges on whether the spring is a property that can be legally owned or a spiritual entity that cannot be claimed.

The movie's cinematography is beautiful and showcases the picturesque beauty of Punjab's landscapes. The performances of the lead actors, Raj Babbar, Deepti Naval and Parikshit Sahni are natural and emotive. The movie's background score is haunting and heightens the emotional intensity of the scenes.

In summary, Marhi Da Deeva is a poignant and introspective movie that explores the themes of love, loss, and societal stigmas. It portrays the struggles of a man who is ostracized by the society due to his love for a woman who belonged to a different caste. The movie also touches on bigger issues like the exploitation of natural resources, land ownership, and the power dynamics of rural societies. Overall, Marhi Da Deeva is a must-watch for anyone who wants to experience a thought-provoking and evocative movie.

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