Meet the Applegates

"A new species of comedy"
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Meet the Applegates opens in the Rainforest, as a family of tourists is attacked by giant bugs. The movie then cuts to a year later, when a seemingly normal family moves to the suburbs. The family is actually a family of giant bugs, come to wreak havoc and destroy mankind, making the world safe for them again. They have studied Family Bazaar magazine to learn how to act like a typical family, while not knowing that there really is no family that is as perfect as what is depicted in magazines.

The father, Dick, gets a job at the nuclear power plant in order to sabotage it and eradicate the human menace. The mother is a stay at home wife who becomes addicted to shopping and her credit cards. While trying to fit in and appear normal the family becomes attached to the human friends they make while going about their mission which causes a change of heart.

The son who began as a good student and well behaved teenager turns to heavy metal and drugs with his new friends. The daughter dates and is accosted by a jock, whom she then kills and hides the body in her room. After the experience she learns she is pregnant and becomes a militant lesbian in the process.

The pressures of trying to appear normal take their toll on the parents as well. Dick has an affair at work, and his wife shops them into the poorhouse, while the two fight constantly. Their "Aunt Bea" arrives to set them back on the course of their mission, but they kill him instead and decide to go home and be themselves.

While the plant does not explode and eradicate humankind, there is a radiation leak that causes most of the town to lose their hair, which we see in the end of the movie as some of them visit the Applegates in the Rainforest.

| 1991 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.5/10
Ed Begley Jr., Stockard Channing, Dabney Coleman, Robert Jayne
Michael Lehmann
Produced By
Denise Di Novi
Meet the Applegates
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