Meltdown: Days of Destruction

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The planet is hotter than it has ever been and completely out of orbit and only one man can save us from total destruction. The legendary Casper Van Dien (Starship Trooper) stars in Meltdown: Days of Destruction. He plays a Los Angeles police officer who dealt with the task of leading a team of scientists in a desperate attempt to save our planet after a large asteroid knocks Earth out of orbit.

All the while, the planet is running a temperature of over one hundred and forty degrees fahrenheit with disasters ensuing all over the screen until Van Dien and company are able to the planet back in orbit. This is a heart-pounding first rate action thriller with a deep plot.

| 2006 | 1 hr 30 min | 3.9/10
Casper Van Dien, Vincent Gale, Stefanie von Pfetten, Venus Terzo
J.P. Howell
Meltdown: Days of Destruction
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