Moon Child

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This Japanese 2003 epic vampire drama follows the life of three Japanese immigrants to mainland China as they grow up over a period spanning more than 35 years. When Japan's economy collapses, residents move en masse to the Chinese city of Mallepa, which has become a large expatriate community. The trio of friends support themselves through pickpocketing and small-time crimes until a chance run-in with a mysterious and powerful vampire alters the course of the rest of their lives. As they seek to gain immortality while rising up the ranks of the Chinese criminal underworld, new future technologies bring about vampire hunters who do not take immortality so lightly.

2003 | 2 hr | 6.4/10
Hyde, Gackt, Leehom Wang, TarĂ´ Yamamoto
Takahisa Zeze
Produced By
Takashi Hirano
Moon Child
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Also directed by Takahisa Zeze