Mr. Ace

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A prominent woman decides to seek the help of a man she has been romantically eying for years in a hopeful campaign for governor. Mr. Ace is connected in many ways with people who can greatly increase her popularity in the polls. Unfortunately, Mr. Ace is also a traditional gangster who can't stand the thought of having a woman call the shots in his expansive empire. As the governor's race subsides, Margaret is hastily placed in another important political race because of the wheeling-and-dealing of Mr. Ace. She is torn between a powerful love affair and a potentially powerful career in office.

| 1946 | 1 hr 24 min | 6.2/10
George Raft, Sylvia Sidney, Stanley Ridges, Sid Silvers
Edwin L. Marin
Produced By
Benedict Bogeaus
Mr. Ace
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