Mr. Wrong

In this oddball black anti-romantic comedy starring Ellen DeGeneres in her first lead role, Martha Alston (DeGeneres) is a talk show producer who is single and feeling pressured by her family after her younger sister's wedding. Following a disappointing Valentine's Day she escapes to a bar and meets a man who she thinks might just be Mr. Right. Whitman Crawford (Bill Pullman) seems to be all she is looking for in a beau: smart, funny, and handsome.

But when she tells him to just be himself his real personality emerges and it turns out he is quite deranged. Martha soon finds herself in increasingly awkward situations as he refuses to believe their love is over, and her friends and family all fall for his charm.

Directed by Nick Castle, the movie sports a solid supporting cast of character and comedic actors, including Joan Cusack, Dean Stockwell, Joan Plowright, and Hope Davis.

| 1996 | 1 hr 36 min | 3.8/10
Nick Castle Jr.
Mr. Wrong

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