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Ellen DeGeneres broke onto the comedy scene in the early 80s and begin packing comedy houses all over the United States. She became so popular, she was offered a small spot on the very popular TV Show The Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson. At the end of her set, Johnny Carson did something he hadn't done with any comedian: he asked her to sit on stage with him. This coveted spot was reserved for big name film stars, not comediennes. With this exposure, she was soon thrust into the limelight and became a movie and television star.

Soon the producers were so taken by her general persona and comedy they gave her a sitcom named Ellen. The show followed the life of a neurotic book store owner named Ellen Morgan. The show followed her through the ups and downs of bookstore ownership, dealing with her family, and her many attempts at love. The show gained rave reviews and a large fan base when the main character announced that she was gay. With this revelation, the show took on many controversial issues of the gay and lesbian community. At one point, this show was the most watched show in the country.

Ellen is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (111 episodes). The series first aired on March 29, 1994.

Where do I stream Ellen online? Ellen is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ellen on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

5 Seasons, 111 Episodes
March 29, 1994
Cast: Ellen DeGeneres, David Anthony Higgins, Clea Lewis, Joely Fisher, Jeremy Piven
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Ellen Full Episode Guide

  • Ellen thinks about taking her relationship with Laurie to the next level.

  • Ellen tries to encourage her radio audience to be nicer.

  • A parody of the career of Ellen DeGeneres, celebrating her 75 years in show business.

  • A parody of Ellen DeGeneres' career, celebrating 75 years in show business.

  • Ellen rushes to the hospital after discovering Laurie was in an accident.

  • Spence sniffs insecticide and awakens in a world where being gay is normal.

  • Ellen tries to make friends with her neighbors.

  • Ellen and Joe join Paige's focus group, so that her new cop show will receive high marks and need minimal changes before air time.

  • Laurie takes Ellen on a weekend getaway to San Diego where problems arise between them when Laurie's instinct to be organized clashes with Ellen's natural neurotic instinct for spontaneity leading to both of them wanting some space from each other.

  • When Laurie's father dies suddenly, Ellen must help her make peace.

  • Ellen takes Paige and Audrey to a female only concert in Berkeley.

  • Ellen and Laurie hit a crossroads on their one-month anniversary.

  • Ellen gets a job at a small, all-talk radio station.

  • Laurie has prepared for a big romantic evening with flowers, fine wine and a homemade dinner, but she still needs Ellen to stick around for it.

  • Thanks to Paige, Ellen lands a job as personal assistant to Emma Thompson.

  • Ellen tries to win the approval of her new girlfriend's daughter.

  • Ellen accompanies her father to his annual Civil War re-enactment.

  • Ellen goes on a date with her mortgage broker, but starts to think she's the only one looking for romance.

  • Ellen feels pressured to support gay businesses, but a gay plumber nearly sends her housewarming party down the drain.

  • Ellen's new neighbors offer to introduce her to a friend.

  • Ellen fakes athletic prowess to impress her "spinning" instructor.

  • Ellen runs into former boyfriend Dan while on a date.

  • Ellen experiences upheaval when she moves into her new home.

  • Ellen deals with the ramifications of telling her parents she's gay.

  • Ellen meets a gay woman, who enlightens her to her own sexual identity.

  • Ellen tries to regale an English patient with memories of her past.

  • Ellen's support of her parents' divorce brings them closer together.

  • Ellen comes clean with her hard-to-please grandmother.

  • Peter confronts Ellen at a spiritual retreat while a robber at Buy the Book confronts Paige, Spence, Joe and Audrey.

  • Ellen misinterprets the signs of a handsome deaf actor.

  • On Ellen's 35th birthday, she and the gang go to the rock 'n roll music camp in Hollywood where they get to jam in a band with David Crosby, Aaron Neville and Bonnie Raitt. But Ellen gets cold feet when she feels her singing can't compare with theirs.

  • Ellen accompanies Spence to an important party thrown by a surgeon he's trying to impress, but it's Ellen who makes the lasting impression.

  • Ellen accepts a favor from Joe's wealthy older girlfriend.

  • Ellen conquers being alone by doing fun things on her own.

  • Ellen bites off more than she can chew when she rescues an abandoned dog at Christmas.

  • Ellen experiences the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat when she and Ed engage in a sports competition.

  • Ellen unwittingly invites a homeless man to Thanksgiving dinner.

  • A home pregnancy test causes Ellen and her friends to rethink their lives.

  • Ellen is distraught when her mother starts dating.

  • Ellen tries to bond with her father, Paige is bent out of shape when Spence accepts a wedding invitation from an ex-girlfriend, and Joe is bound for New Mexico in search of aliens.

  • While attending a camp reunion with Ellen, Paige plots revenge against Megan, a woman who Paige thinks put chewing gum in her hair 25 years ago (shown in a pseudo black-and-white flashback to 1971), and Ellen feels guilty because she was the one that put the gum in Paige's hair. Meanwhile, Spence thinks he's the target of a woman flirting with him, but the real target is Ed. Also, Gothic author Anne Rice signs copies of her latest novel at the bookstore on Halloween with Audrey and Peter in attendance.

  • Ellen is dumbstruck when she sees her therapist in a shocking position.

  • Ellen plots to reunite her parents by recreating their honeymoon.

  • When her parents decide to separate, Ellen's the one who's broken up.

  • Ellen decides to buy a home of her own, but at cost of her the store.

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