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"Never has one man had to do so much with so little."

My Five Wives is a comedy movie about a real estate mogul and his adventures in polygamy. Monte Peterson (Rodney Dangerfield) is going through his third divorce when he decides to expand to Utah in building a ski resort. Unfortunately, there is another person that wants to gain the land, through not honest ways. Preston Gates (John Byner)is wanting to build a casino and swindle the farmers that own the land.

Monte wins the auction and is soon introduced to what polygamy traditions are. In order to get the land, he must join the church and take the three wives as his own. He soon discovers that having three wives is really hard work. Thinking he was rid of Gates was not that easy as one of his wives is Gates' sister, making him a brother-in-law. Another property becomes available and Monte gains the land plus two more wives.

Since Monte joined the polygamy religion, there are strict rules against drinking or smoking. Gates tries everything to catch him in those acts without any success. Monte is feeling the pressures of the religion and his wives. To ease the tensions at home, Monte decides to take his wives to Las Vegas as a honeymoon for all of them.

The women are introduced to modern amenities that they had never seen before. They happen to find themselves in a seminar for empowering women. Dr. Van Dyke (Molly Shannon) is lecturing about taking a stand in the marital home and not letting the husband dominate everything. They have a good time and return back to Utah.

Gates is still trying to find something to get Monte kicked out of the religion and sent to jail, when he devises a plan. He will frame Monte with a counterfeit scheme. Meanwhile Monte begins excavating for the ski resort when bones are discovered. Gates' plan works and Monte lands in jail.

Taking on more dominant role, the wives break Monte out of jail and hurry over to the ski resort site. Gates' plan is blown wide open about building a casino and the counterfeiting scheme. He is arrested. Monte asks his wives if they are happy which they are not and he ends up leaving Utah with one wife, Dr.Van Dyke.

| 2000 | 1 hr 40 min | 4.3/10
Rodney Dangerfield, Andrew Dice Clay, John Byner, Molly Shannon
Artisan Entertainment
Sidney J. Furie
My 5 Wives

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My 5 Wives 2000 Trailer - Rodney Dangerfield|1:44
My 5 Wives 2000 Trailer - Rodney Dangerfield|1:44

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