New York Prison Break: The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell

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  • TV-14
  • 2017
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 5.5  (384)

New York Prison Break: The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell is a thrilling movie that depicts the story of Joyce Mitchell, a prison worker who helps two murderers escape the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York. The movie was released in 2017 and stars Penelope Ann Miller as Mitchell, Joe Anderson as her husband Lyle, and Myk Watford as one of the escaped convicts, David Sweat.

The movie begins by showing the harsh and gloomy life of the inmates of Clinton Correctional Facility, which is located in a remote area of upstate New York. The facility is known for its maximum security measures, and the inmates are kept under strict supervision. Meanwhile, Joyce Mitchell is introduced as a well-respected worker at the facility who is responsible for the tailoring shop, where she becomes acquainted with Sweat and another convict, Richard Matt.

As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Mitchell had developed an illicit relationship with both the inmates, particularly Matt. The movie portrays how Mitchell falls prey to Matt's charms and becomes entangled in the convicts' elaborate escape plan. The plan involves cutting through steel walls, pipes, and a steam pipe to break through the wall of their cells.

The movie depicts Joyce becoming more and more engrossed in the inmates' plan, as she smuggles in various tools, cell phones, and even cakes with saw blades inside. Joyce becomes so deeply involved in the inmates' escape plan that she even has sexual relations with Matt, which is a particular highlight of the movie. The chemistry between Mitchell and Matt is captivating and keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat.

The movie also focuses on the relationship between Mitchell and her husband Lyle. The pressure of Lyle's failing business and their financial difficulties becomes a significant cause of stress for Mitchell, and she finds solace in the arms of the convicts. The movie shows how Joyce's infidelity and lies begin to take a toll on her marriage as her husband becomes increasingly suspicious of her behavior.

As the days pass by, Joyce's involvement with the escape plan grows deeper, and she becomes increasingly anxious about the possibility of getting caught. As a viewer, one can't help but feel the tension and anxiety that Mitchell faces as the authorities uncover the escape plan and Mitchell's involvement. The movie depicts how Mitchell leaves behind several clues that ultimately expose her involvement in the escape plan.

The climax of the movie is gripping and intense as the authorities close in on Mitchell's role in the escape plan. The story promotes the "gotcha" moment, with interrogations and the eventual reveal of Mitchell's duplicity. The movie ends with a satisfying conclusion as the convicts are apprehended and Mitchell faces several charges, including aiding the convicts in their escape.

In conclusion, New York Prison Break: The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell is a well-crafted movie that beautifully depicts the infamous 2015 jailbreak at Clinton Correctional Facility. The movie showcases how Joyce Mitchell's affair with the inmates led to her involvement in the elaborate escape plan. Penelope Ann Miller's portrayal of Mitchell is exceptional, and the chemistry between her and Joe Anderson is captivating. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who is interested in thrilling and emotionally charged stories.

New York Prison Break: The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell
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