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  • 1963
  • 8.0  (76)

Nirjan Saikate is a 1963 Bengali film directed by Tapan Sinha. The movie stars Anil Chatterjee, Sharmila Tagore, and Chhayadevi in prominent roles. The story follows the life of a newly married couple, Nalin and Sudha, who struggle to keep their relationship strong amidst financial difficulties and societal pressure. The film begins with Nalin (played by Anil Chatterjee) returning to Kolkata from a village. He meets Sudha (played by Sharmila Tagore) on a train and is immediately attracted to her. After a few chance meetings, they fall in love and get married. However, their married life is far from perfect as they struggle to make ends meet.

Nalin is a literary figure who is struggling to find work in his field, while Sudha is a homemaker who is constantly under pressure to conform to society's expectations of a wife. Their financial difficulties weigh heavily on their relationship, and they often find themselves bickering and arguing. Despite their differences, both deeply love each other, and their relationship is the only thing that keeps them going.

As the movie progresses, Nalin's financial situation worsens, and he is unable to provide for his wife. This causes Sudha to contemplate leaving him, but she is unable to do so because of her love for him. The couple also faces pressure from society to have a child, but Sudha is unable to conceive. This puts even more strain on their relationship.

As the movie reaches its climax, Nalin finally gets a big break in his career, which alleviates their financial troubles. However, this newfound success creates new problems for the couple, as Nalin's success makes Sudha feel inadequate and forgotten.

Nirjan Saikate is a brilliant portrayal of the struggles of a married couple. It highlights the issues faced by many young married couples in India, such as societal pressure and financial difficulties. The movie's screenplay is impeccable, and the performances of the lead actors are noteworthy. Anil Chatterjee delivers a convincing portrayal of a struggling writer, and Sharmila Tagore is exceptional as a woman struggling to find her place in a patriarchal society.

The film's director, Tapan Sinha, has brought together a cast of talented actors who deliver impeccable performances that create a relatable and realistic portrayal of a married couple's struggles.

Nirjan Saikate is known for its beautiful music and soulful melodies, composed by the legendary composer Salil Chowdhury. The songs perfectly capture the film's mood and add to the emotional depth of the story.

Overall, Nirjan Saikate is a beautifully crafted film that tells a relatable story of a couple's struggles in a realistic and poignant manner. The movie's timeless themes of love, relationships, and societal pressure make it a must-watch for cinephiles around the world.

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    Nirjan Saikate (Bengali: ) (English subtitle: The Desolute Beach) is a Bengali film directed by Tapan Sinha. It was released in 1963. This movie is an adaptation of the novel with the same name by eminent Bengali writer Samaresh Basu, who wrote this tra
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    8.0  (76)