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"The truth lies outside the frame."
  • R
  • 2005
  • 1 hr 13 min
  • 5.4  (3,149)
  • 47

November is a romantic drama film released in 2004, directed by Greg Harrison and starring Courteney Cox, James Le Gros, and Michael Ealy. The movie follows the story of a woman named Sophie Jacobs (Courteney Cox), a successful photographer from New York City, whose life takes an unexpected turn when her boyfriend gets killed in a robbery.

The movie starts with a series of flashbacks that show Sophie's memories with her boyfriend, Hugh (James Le Gros), who was also her business partner. Sophie is devastated by the loss of Hugh, and she struggles to move on with her life. She becomes emotionally numb and disconnected from everyone around her, even her closest friends.

One day, Sophie visits a cafe and meets a man named November (Michael Ealy), who asks her to take his picture. Sophie initially declines, but November insists, and eventually, she agrees. Sophie finds herself drawn to November, who is mysterious and curious, and she starts to develop feelings for him.

Sophie and November's relationship becomes more intimate, and they start to explore their feelings for each other. Sophie begins to see her life in a new light, and November helps her realize that she doesn't have to be emotionally numb forever. However, Sophie's friends and family are skeptical of November, and they warn her that he may not be who he seems.

As Sophie becomes more involved with November, strange things start to happen around her. She starts to receive anonymous phone calls, and she finds herself being followed by a mysterious man. Soon, she starts to question if November is actually the person she thought he was.

The movie continues to explore Sophie's relationship with November, and their journey to discover the truth about each other. The film is a hauntingly beautiful story of love and loss, and how two people can find solace and healing in each other, despite their emotional baggage.

The cinematography in the movie is stunning, with beautiful scenes of New York City and intricate camera angles. The music is also impressive, with a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack that adds to the melancholic atmosphere of the film.

The performances in the movie are exceptional, with Courteney Cox delivering a powerful and emotional performance as Sophie. James Le Gros is also exceptional as Hugh, and Michael Ealy brings a mysterious and alluring presence to his character of November.

Overall, November is a slow-burning, melancholic movie that explores the complexities of love, loss, and the human condition. The film is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates beautiful storytelling and stunning cinematography.

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    1 hr 13 min
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    5.4  (3,149)
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