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Dirt is an FX serial drama centering around the melding of two fictional publications, Dirt, a gossip rag and Now, a more respectable and glossy publication. Courtney Cox stars as Lucy Spiller, the editor in chief of this magazine venture and has to deal with all of the growing pains one might expect from two very different staffs and styles coming together. Lucy's best friend is Don, a schizophrenic freelance photographer who struggles with guilt issues. Don and Lucy spend most of their time searching out celebrity gossip and stories for the magazine.

As the series progresses, Don's schizophrenic hallucinations and Lucy's depression become more apparent and the two find themselves often locked in battle with their own worst natures as they try to makes sense of the world and keep the magazine afloat.

The show premiered on January 2, 2007 and is produced by Coquette Studies and ABC productions, a Disney affiliate.

Dirt is a Drama series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on January 2, 2007. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.9.

Dirt is available for streaming on the FX website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dirt on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 40 Episodes
January 2, 2007
Cast: Courteney Cox
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Dirt Full Episode Guide

  • A final standoff at Glen Helen determines the fate of Millwood.

  • Although Lucy and her staff are there to attend an awards show, the best show is what's happening backstage. Meanwhile, Brent will do anything to make an impression to his new boss, and Lucy juggles men.

  • Lucy and a studio executive rekindle their romance. Meanwhile, Willa and Farber dig for dirt concerning a new TV series, and Holt's outspoken relative makes the news headlines which leads to a public relations fiasco.

  • Lucy goes after music mogul Tweety McDaniel, after seeing a debilitated Prince Tyreese at a fund raiser. Also, Don discovers some dirt on a former actress who is now a politician, and Brent attempts to outdo Lucy at Dirt Now.

  • Lucy is determined to uncover the story when a celebutante is released from jail after a drunk driving charge. Also, Lucy wants the inside scoop when she discovers the detailed life of the dysfunctional family of a TV sitcom dad lands on the internet, and is being planned as a reality series.

  • After surviving her attack, Lucky Spiller returns to the magazine in hopes of regaining her status as Tabloid Queen. Meanwhile, Don begins taking medication; Lucy's encounter with a pop star results in an opportunity; and Lucy digs for the truth about a pregnant heiress.

  • The two-hour special will be hosted by Mike Rowe as he introduces his work with the United States Army. Mike will share stories from behind the scenes and answer viewer mail as he unites the US with the dirtiest jobs, and funniest moments of the show.

  • Mike Rowe meets his match when he travels to South Africa to train monkeys to run wild.

  • Mike Rowe joins a crew of filthy farmers on their job at Taylor Shellfish Farms, gets down and dirty in the tropics as he farms taro, and finds out that animals don't like haircuts when he joins a family of alpaca farmers to shear their alpacas.

  • Mike Rowe gets dirty as he helps a group of New Jersey salvage experts tear apart a dormitory at an abandoned college. Then Rowe rolls up his sleeve and goes to work as a coal miner.

  • Mike Rowe joins forces with the Air Force as he travels to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas to clean the stratotanker fuel tanks. He also learns to makes some messy candy and retread tires.

  • Mike Rowe rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty in Las Vegas as he goes behind the scenes of the world famous Lance Burton Magic Show. Mike Rowe also joins forces with a Las Vegas pig farmer that has found an ingenious way to recycle leftovers.

  • Mike Rowe challenges his bosses to see if they have what it takes to get dirty. The two executive producers responsible for sending Mike out to the dirtiest jobs around the country are going to roll up their sleeves and attempt a dirty job of their own.

  • Mike Rowe rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty operating an antique printing press. Then, he joins forces with the largest terracotta manufacturer in the U.S. Next, Mike teams up with a group of garbage collectors converting trash into electricity.

  • Mike Rowe faces his fear of parades when he is hired on at a company that is responsible for dismantling floats from the Tournament of Roses Parade. It's a dirty job that will forever change the way you look at parades.

  • Mike Rowe rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty in Las Vegas as he goes behind the scenes of the world famous Lance Burton Magic Show. Mike Rowe also joins forces with a Las Vegas pig farmer that has found an ingenious way to recycle leftovers.

  • Mike steps into the shoes of a concrete spreader for some curb side and sidewalk foundation. He reunites with the Vexcon exterminator crew to wage war against millions of termites that have attacked a local church and chips concrete out of giant mixers.

  • Mike reunites with catfish noodler for some backbreaking plumbing. He blends specialty drilling mud at a synthetic mud company, then rolls his sleeves for more oil drilling with rough necks.

  • Mixing horse manure and soiled straw to make mushrooms, cleaning rat-infested storm drains in Los Angeles, and making shower drains in Erie, PA??it's a Dirty Job!

  • Mike visits one of the dirtiest places on earth, a sugar mill. Firefighters teach Mike how to light a building on fire, put it out and then he visits a menacing alligator farm.

  • Mike examines the short lives of turkeys then it's off to a potato farm. Mike also removes sewage from a water treatment plant as well.

  • Mike travels the country lending a helping hand at the Colorado marble quarry, collects owl vomit. He wrangles and learns how to palpitate a cow to check for pregnancy.

  • The tricks of the trade are taught to Mike at the Chimney Sweeping Safety Institute. He travels to Canada to dive into frigid water for sunken logs which will be made into expensive furniture. Mike's hired by a scrap metal recycling plant to sort cans.

  • Mike Rowe teams up with a pet groomer and is responsible for preparing special outfits prior to their departure. He works at a Hawaiian pharmaceutical plant that specializes in growing green algae. Mike Rowe gets dirty at a charcoal factory.

  • Mike Rowe steps into the shoes of a cobb home builder and teams up with the Bee man to evict a swarm of angry bees hidden inside a church building. He recovers grease at a Mexican restaurant and learns to convert cooking oil into gasoline alternative.

  • Lucy butts heads with longtime rival, Tina Harrod, when she hears a rumor that Tina is out to get Lucy's job. Meanwhile, Don continues with his mysterious mission and Holt and Julia's relationship reaches a climax. Later, as Willia sets her sights on Lucy's editor-in-chief position, Lucy comes across shocking information about her stalker.

  • Julia learns that a sex tape she made with a former co-star has surfaced on the Internet, and, in turn, creates an ideal media situation for Lucy. Don sets out on a mysterious mission from a lost friend, and Lucy turns to Willia to help save both the magazine and her job now that her best photographer is MIA.

  • A young paparazzi, Marqui Jackson, tags along with Don on his latest assignment -- tailing a local starlet -- but the two are confronted by Ozzy Romero, a former gang leader turned paparazzi, who taps his gang relations to get Don and Marqui away from the story. Meanwhile, Julia has trouble adjusting to life after rehab; Willia tries to avoid Brent after she tries to break it off with him, but he refuses to let the relationship go; and Lucy's stalker continues to escalate their stalking.

  • As Lucy struggles to get some sleep, Willa and Don work together to find the whereabouts of a secret celebrity wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, Julia is in rehab and Holt deals with his career.

  • Lucy assigns her onetime mentor to help Willa probe the murder of a teenage girl in a small California town. Meanwhile, Holt and Lucy's mounting attraction for each other comes to a boil, while Julia sinks deeper into drugs---and into the arms of Garbo.

  • After bailing Don out of jail on a trespassing charge, Lucy publishes his photos of action star Jack Dawson in the arms of Leo; Brent is threatened by menacing visitors intent on finding out who told Lucy about the murder of Aundre G; an out-of-work---and out-of-control---Julia interrupts Holt's photo shoot; and Lucy spikes Willa's story on a diet-and-exercise guru's stomach-stapling operation because it's "dull."

  • With a competitor about to publish a story on missing rapper Aundre G, Lucy squeezes Prince Tyrese even harder to get a heads-up on Aundre's whereabouts. And Lucy's mother announces that she'll remarry---on the 25th anniversary of Lucy's father's suicide. Meanwhile, Lucy finds out about Leo and Jack Dawson, and assigns Willa to get the dirt on a diet-and-exercise guru's stomach-stapling operation. And Kira goes into labor (in Don's mind, at least).

  • Dirt Now is about to launch, and Lucy needs a cover story. One possibility: an ailing Christian-pop star. Lucy suspects that drugs made her sick and dispatches Don (who's being shadowed by the ghost of Kira Klay) to get the dirt. Then there's a missing R&B star. One way to him could be Prince Tyrese. Meanwhile, Holt is courted by a major producer while Julia has a hard time back on the set of her sitcom. And Lucy's brother Leo, a decorator, is hired by an action star.

  • Lucy sends Don to get a picture of Kira Klay's corpse, but when Don arrives, Kira appears to be a little too alive to him. Later, Prince Tyrese pays a visit to Don -- one that isn't all too friendly. Meanwhile, Gibson Horne drops by to visit Lucy; Willa gets hot on the trail digging for dirt on the new Hollywood couple "Blogan"; and Holt does his best to help Julia.

  • Tabloid editor Lucy Spiller is a pro at digging up dirt and manipulating photos captured by paparazzi Don Konkey. Lucy begins to focus her attention on Holt McLaren, a struggling actor who is in need of good publicity.

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