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Necessary Roughness is a sports based drama commissioned and shown in the U.S. on the USA network. Two seasons of the show have been completed consisting of 23 episodes based on the life of fictional character Dr. Danni Santino, played by Callie Thorne. The idea for the drama was a real life psychotherapist called Dr. Donna Dannenfelser, who became the therapist for the New York Jets football team.

The premise of Necessary Roughness is the new career choices forced on Dr. Santino when she discovers her husband has been cheating on her. Forced to provide for her teenage children, Dr. Santino finds a job with the New York Hawks football team as a psychotherapist treating star wide receiver Terence TK King, played by Mehcad Brooks. Santino also finds a new relationship with the athletic trainer of the Hawks, Matt Donnally played by Marc Blucas. As the series progresses the focus of Santino's work shifts from King to a series of professional athletes and celebrities from the Long Island area.

One of the most interesting characters in the show is the mysterious fixer for the New York Hawks, Nico Charles played by Gilmore Girls actor Scott Cohen. Nico Charles uses his Navy SEAL experience to find information on the employees of the New York Hawks; his intelligence gathering techniques include bugging the team and breaking into the homes of the Hawks employees.

Necessary Roughness's cast is made of actors with a large amount of experience performing on TV and film. Callie Thorne, who plays Dr. Santino is known as a recurring cast member in Homicide: Life on the Street, The Wire and Rescue Me. Marc Blucas, who plays Matt Donnally is best known for his role as Riley in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Mehcad Brooks, who plays TK King is a former Calvin Klein underwear model who has appeared in network TV shows including Desperate Housewives.

Necessary Roughness is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on June 29, 2011.

Necessary Roughness is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Necessary Roughness on demand atAmazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Peacock online.

3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
June 29, 2011
Cast: Mehcad Brooks, Callie Thorne, Scott Cohen, Marc Blucas, Hannah Marks
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Necessary Roughness Full Episode Guide

  • In the third season finale, Dani searches for her missing client as the V3 scandal reaches its boiling point. T.K. may have to sit out a very important game; and Nico receives a surprise visitor.

  • Dr. Dani exchanges blows with a championship boxer who wants to get back in the ring. TK seeks treatment at the V3 clinic, and Nico ends up there as well.

  • Dr. Dani treats two track stars with severe sibling rivalry. TK's quest for his first championship ring is threatened. Nico is on the lookout for a washed-out athlete, who just might be the missing piece to the V3 puzzle.

  • Connor asks Dr. Dani to resume a course of therapy with her very first V3 client. TK can't seem to steer clear of Sheera after their break-up. Nico continues to work behind the scenes for the FBI to investigate the scandal at V3.

  • Dani counsels a famed fantasy writer. A sex tape scandal threatens to ruin TK's career and Connor is on damage control. Nico possesses explosive information that could shake up V3.

  • An unwelcome surprise has Connor searching for a mole at V3. Dani counsels an accountant who's harboring a secret. Paloma wants to get on the fast track. TK's new relationship with Sheera heats up.

  • Dani tries to offer advice to a self-help guru who doesn't believe in talk therapy. TK meets his match in Sheera. Nico gathers inside information on V3.

  • Dani intervenes to help a star basketball player's career. Connor goes to war with a rival management company. TK might be the war's first casualty.

  • Dani works with a former child star whose career is suffering; Connor plans an image makeover for T.K. in hopes of landing an endorsement deal; and Nico and Dani butt heads.

  • Dani's world gets turned upside down by the new management at the Hawks, the return of Nico and an alluring offer from a powerful businessman. Also, TK deals with a difficult new head coach.

  • A secret is revealed that could potentially devastate the Hawks' entire season. Dani makes a decision regarding her feelings for Matt and Nico.

  • Dani helps the quarterback determine the root of his rage; T.K. faces challenges on and off the field; Dani discusses her mother with her therapist; and the plan to sell the Hawks is put on hold.

  • Dr. Dani tries to help hot-headed Coach Purnell maintain his composure. Nico and Matt investigate a major scandal. On the eve of Angela's birthday, Dani's sister arrives.

  • Dani treats two famous rock stars and TK attempts to get his old job back.

  • Dani must become a patient in order to get her career back on track; T.K. returns to work and is shocked to learn he's been replaced; and Juliette, Nico and the front office disagree after Pittman's death.

  • Disaster threatens the upcoming Hawks season opener.

  • Dani counsels tennis players who are struggling on and off the court. Elsewhere, T.K. is the victim of a theft, leading Matt to face off with T.K.'s agent, and Jeanette's dilemma reaches it's breaking point.

  • Razor's troublesome history haunts him when TK tries to help him out, but it soon becomes clear TK needs help too...and fast. Also, Matt and Dani find there are "hidden" perks to calling it quits.

  • Dani treats a professional bull rider. Dani and Matt deal with the aftermath of their breakup while Matt and Nico try to keep tabs on a reporter who's come to Hawks training camp to focus on TK. Ray Jay's unexpected SAT score creates tension with Olivia.

  • A spelling-bee champ seeks help from Dani for his stuttering; T.K. is faced with a problem he thought was buried in the past; a league representative pays a visit to Nico; and Jeanette delays coming clean.

  • Dani treats a Hawks linebacker for his weight; T.K. causes mischief as he puts the pressure on Damon; Jeanette is back; and Lindsay sees a therapist.

  • Dani tells the kids about her relationship with Matt as he learns to navigate front office politics.

  • Dani treats a baseball player who suddenly can't connect with the ball. Pittman's behavior gets even stranger. TK must confront the wound his shooting left behind. Matt's bond with Ray Jay and Lindsay strains his relationship with Dani.

  • Dani's routine "psych eval" of a potential draft pick turns out to be anything but.

  • A Roller Derby star needs Dani to determine why she collapsed. Meanwhile, Ray Jay sifts through issues with his new girlfriend. Plus, Marshall Pittman gives TK an ultimatum: prove you can run... or lose your bonus.

  • The second season kicks off with Dr. Dani dealing with crises among the Hawks. As for Dani and Matt, they're relationship is still hot and heavy and...very secret. Guest stars: Rob Estes, Meghann Fahy.

Necessary Roughness News

John Stamos Lands Season-Long Gig on 'Necessary Roughness'

John Stamos has landed a season-long gig on "Necessary Roughness". Read all about his character here.

'Necessary Roughness' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap – 'Wide Deceiver'

This week on "Necessary Roughness" it's all about people facing down their own decisions. This could be disastrous for Dani and Matt, who finally found the issue which could potentially break them up. Matt wants kids but Dani, with two teenagers, is done with that part of her life. Will the happy couple work it out or are they on the way out?

'Necessary Roughness' Season 2, Episode 2 Recap - 'To Swerve and Protect'

This week on "Necessary Roughness" it's all about the lengths people will go to protect themselves and the people they love. Dani tries to protect Ray J from the dangers of teen sex, but with little success. TK is trying to protect himself after the fan convention freak-out last episode with multiple guns and nunchucks. Marshall Pitman is trying to protect himself by devaluing the Hawks so he'll have to pay his wife less in the divorce.

'Necessary Roughness' Season 2, Episode 1 Recap – 'Shrink or Swim'

Welcome back Hawk fans to the second season of USA's summer hit "Necessary Roughness". The great thing about USA summer shows is that, to a certain extent, you know what to expect. There will be some lighthearted fun, some action, and some drama. It will all be grounded by a few quirky central characters, because the USA network motto is "characters welcome". When you escape the heat during the barren television summer months and flip on USA, you know what's in store.