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The Monkees is an American comedy television show that is based upon the lives of the popular musical group known as the Monkees. The four members of the band are the stars of the program and each half-hour episode usually features a celebrity guest star. The action is fast-paced and the humor is slapstick in nature on this show.

Many episodes of The Monkees humorously focus on the band members' attempts to earn money. They regularly come up with outlandish ideas for raising money and are often thwarted by various villains. On a regular basis the Monkees encounter adventures while they drive around in their customized Monkeemobile car.

In one episode of this show, the Monkees prevent an invasion of space creatures and in other episodes they rescue a princess and tangle with a mad scientist. These are just some of the zany situations the stars of this show become involved in.

Each episode of this program features the Monkees performing at least one or two of their songs in video format. Live concert footage and interviews with the band members are also frequently featured on The Monkees.

The Monkees is a Comedy Music series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (58 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 1966. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.4.

The Monkees is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Monkees on demand at Sling online.

Mondays at 07:30 pm on NBC
2 Seasons, 58 Episodes
September 12, 1966
Comedy Music
Cast: Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork
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The Monkees Full Episode Guide

  • Suffering from writer's block, Peter seeks the help from a manipulative mentalist.

  • When the band enters a mixed-gender "rockathon," Davy learns that the band contests can be a drag. Their competition has the same idea as an all-girl rock group dresses their singer up as a man. Davy and this "woman" meet up at a diner and fall for each other.

  • The Monkees travel to England to sort out Davy's inheritance of Sir Malcolm Kibee's estate.

  • Bored with the grind of their television show, the group flees to Paris for some free-form frolicking.

  • The Monkees come to the rescue of a friend whose race car is the victim of sabotage.

  • Peter sells his soul to the Devil during a lesson in music and morality.

  • Micky buys a mystical monkey's paw from a malicious magician.

  • When Davy falls for a mysterious woman, The Monkees enter a spooky scene with Dracula, a Wolfman, and the Mummy.

  • Pat Paulsen narrates this bizarre tale of alien abduction.

  • The group put their own twist on a classic fairy tale.

  • The Monkees try to instill the spirit of Christmas in a cynical rich kid.

  • Micky "Magic Fingers" Dolenz meddles with the mob when The Monkees land in Las Vegas.

  • The group comes to the rescue of Mike's Aunt Kate, whose ranch is under siege.

  • When The Monkees take jobs on a shady ship, thoughts of mutiny are bountiful.

  • The group's pad becomes the scene of a spooky seance.

  • The Monkees pose as tough bikers to win the hearts of four motorcycle mamas.

  • A Druvanian prima ballerin involves The Monkees in a plot to smuggle microfilm.

  • When Peter trades his guitar for a treasure map, the group goes in search of buried booty.

  • Caught in the middle of a family feud, Davy is once again threatened with the prospect of marriage.

  • Micky's pride is at stake when a muscle man steals his chick.

  • Peter gets caught in a plot to counterfeit and steal a priceless Rembrandt.

  • In a bid to save the group's groovy pad from destruction by an evil construction tycoon, Mike Nesmith runs for mayor.

  • Davy's hand in marriage becomes the object of desire for a wealthy Arabian princess.

  • Peter labors to clear the name of his bandmates after they unwittingly rob a bank.

  • A trip to Mexico goes south when the evil El Diablo captures Davy.

  • This mini-documentary shows a day in the life of The Monkees during their first concert tour.

  • The group is cast as extras in a teen-exploitation beach party flick, that is until Davy is cast into the spotlight.

  • At the urging of a would-be producer, The Monkees hit the Big Apple to star in his rock-n-roll musical.

  • A soap opera develops when Mike, Micky, Davy and Peter all fall for the same woman, a lusious laundromat owner.

  • The group is pressed into service as unlikely answering service operators.

  • When The Monkees can't make the rent, their landlord moves a mature tenant into their pad.

  • During a visit to a Chinese restaurant The Monkees get tangled up ina plot to unleash the dreaded Doomsday Bug.

  • Micky resemblance to a vicious killer causes calamity.

  • A haughty-styled rag selects the group as "the typical young Americans of the year."

  • The Monkees find themselves at odds with an egomaniacal children's show host: Captain Crocodile.

  • When an old-fashioned circus company faces extinction, The Monkees step in to save the day.

  • Davy comes to the aid of a lovelorn Prince named Ludlow--who also just happens to be Jones' doppleganger.

  • A shady promoter enters Davy into the ring as an unlikely contender.

  • The Monkees make a press to impress Hubbell Benson, who is looking for a group to star in his show.

  • When a mad scientist creates a mod monster, he hires The Monkees to make him Rock-n-Roll.

  • Peter stumbles into a plot to kidnap an esteemed professor, and shortly thereafter stumbles out of sight.

  • A band of jealous gypsies kindnap Peter after the Monkees purloin their party gig.

  • A scheming stage mother plots to place her doe-eyed daughter alongside Davy in a dynamic duo.

  • A lifetime contract of dance lesson keeps The Monkees on their toes, until the group taps into a scheme of their own.

  • When Peter falls for a debutante, The Monkees come to the rescue with a plot to win her heart.

  • An unscrupulous music producer tries to take Mike for a ride, until The Monkees turn the tables.

  • The Monkees monkey with a mobster's plot to take over a string of West Coast restaurants.

  • In the Monkees celluloid debut, the gang gets a sweet sixteen gig that is soon thrown into jeopardy when the birthday girl falls for Davy.

  • When Davy sets his sight's on dating the daughter of an uptight military man, Micky is recruited as a chaperone albeit with a twist.

  • The Monkees are saddled with the responsibility of babysitting a real live horse.

  • The Monkees lose their way en-route to a gig and find the Monkeemobile is out of gas in a seemingly deserted town.

  • The group, who is bent on making Davy look like a star, gives Jones' visiting grandfather the Monkee treatment.

  • The Monkees are cast into the cold war after Davy purchases a pair of "red" maracas from a pawnshop.

  • When The Monkees become finalists in a band contest, they are subject to some competetive sabotage.

  • Stan Freeburg stars as a headstrong company man, who plans to automate an old-fashioned toy company.

  • The Monkees spend the night in a deceased millionaire's haunted mansion in order to collect the unexpected legacy he has left them.

  • The Monkees foil a plot to assassinate Princess Bettina, the Dutchess of Harmonica.