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  • TV-14
  • 1997
  • 7 Seasons
  • 6.9  (21,335)

Just Shoot Me is a comedy TV show that premiered on NBC in 1997 and ran until 2003. Created by Steven Levitan, the series revolves around the personal and professional lives of the staff of a fashion magazine called Blush. The show stars Laura San Giacomo, George Segal, Wendie Malick, Enrico Colantoni, David Spade, Chris Hogan, and Rena Sofer.

The main character in the series is Maya Gallo, portrayed by Laura San Giacomo. Maya is a young and talented journalist who lost her job as a serious news reporter and is now forced to work for Blush, a fashion magazine that she considers frivolous. Maya is a single mother and struggles to balance her work and personal life. She often butts heads with her boss and father, Jack Gallo, played by George Segal, who is a womanizer and is constantly trying to undermine her.

Another key character is Nina Van Horn, portrayed by Wendie Malick, who is the model that became the executive of Blush. She is vain and sometimes insensitive, but has a soft spot for her colleagues at the magazine. Dennis Finch, played by David Spade, is the wise-cracking assistant who loves to gossip and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Finally, there is Elliot Di Mauro, played by Enrico Colantoni, who is the magazine's photographer and sometimes struggles with his creative vision.

Throughout the series, the characters face numerous personal and professional challenges. Maya deals with being a working single mother, trying to balance her career aspirations with her responsibilities as a parent. She also develops a romantic relationship with Elliot, much to the dismay of her father, Jack. Nina struggles to deal with aging and losing her place in the modeling world, while trying to maintain her status as an executive at the magazine.

Jack has his own personal challenges to deal with, including his relationships with women and his fear of getting older and losing his edge in the business world. He also has to navigate his complicated relationship with Maya, who he both loves and is threatened by. Dennis is constantly trying to find ways to advance his career and become more respected at the magazine, often resorting to underhanded tactics to achieve his goals.

The show is set in the fast-paced world of fashion, with all the glitz and glamor that comes with it. The characters attend fashion shows, pose for photo shoots, and interact with famous designers and models. The show is known for its sharp and witty writing, and for tackling complex issues like sexism, aging, and work-life balance.

Just Shoot Me was well-received by audiences and critics alike during its run on NBC. It was praised for its strong writing, talented cast, and humorous take on the fashion industry. Despite its popularity, the show was ultimately cancelled in 2003 after seven seasons on the air.

In conclusion, Just Shoot Me was a popular and critically acclaimed TV show that aired on NBC from 1997 to 2003. The series followed the personal and professional lives of the staff of a fashion magazine called Blush, and was known for its sharp writing and talented cast. The show tackled complex issues like sexism, aging, and work-life balance, and was well-received by audiences and critics alike during its run.

Just Shoot Me is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (149 episodes). The series first aired on March 4, 1997.

Just Shoot Me
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Strange Bedfellows
24. Strange Bedfellows
November 26, 2003
Jack is attracted to the feminist who is threatening a boycott of Blush. Nina's dead friend Binny appears from the dead and tells Nina she will soon cheat on Simon, much to Nina's displeasure.
The Goodbye Girl
23. The Goodbye Girl
July 26, 2003
The series won't be returning in the fall, but tonight NBC unreels two first-run episodes_4-18 that showcase the sly repartee and gleeful double entendre that became the show's hallmark. First up, hairstyling once again occupies Vicki (Rena Sofer), who's "dyeing" to give Blush the brush; Nina takes under her wing the female impersonator who's portraying her in a cabaret show; and Dennis rides roughshod over his new assistant---Elliott.
Evaluate This!
22. Evaluate This!
November 24, 2003
At Vicki's suggestion, Jack asks all the Blush staff regulars to anonymously evaluate his work. Finch, Nina, Maya, and Elliott submit signed appraisals that only include words of praise, while Vicki anonymously tells Jack the truth. By process of elimination, Jack knows who the criticism came from, and he is spurned. Vicki consoles him and finally convinces him that the truth is healthy. Jack then insists that everyone tell him something honest, which sends Finch into a tailspin of vitriolic criticism. Meanwhile, Nina sprains her ankle after Maya suggests she walk somewhere, and Maya has to take Nina's place at a fashion event. When Maya has a great time, Nina becomes jealous.
Future Issues
21. Future Issues
August 16, 2003
The series finale centers on a send-off for retiring Jack, whose staffers share memories, shed tears and pay affectionate tribute. Finch puts his feelings into rap, while Nina likens Jack to---what else?---"a perfect glass of Scotch."
For the Last Time, I Do
20. For the Last Time, I Do
August 16, 2003
Prenuptial tensions beset Nina upon learning that the minister (Amy Yasbeck) is her intended's former girlfriend, who's still very fond of him.
The Last Temptation of Elliott
19. The Last Temptation of Elliott
August 9, 2003
Richard Kind ("Spin City") plays a boorish intern at Blush with a crush on Maya. Also: Elliott is drawn to the women at his Bible-study class that's crashed by lascivious Finch, passing himself off as a sinner anxious to be saved.
Son of a Preacher Man
18. Son of a Preacher Man
August 9, 2003
A visit from Simon's parents nettles Nina, who finds them "judgmental, prudish and pious." First impressions are truly deceiving. Also: Elliott leads an apartment-association revolt in the building where he's Jack's new neighbor.
My Fair Finchy
17. My Fair Finchy
August 2, 2003
The outrageous behavior between Finch and his sexy partner (Gina Gershon) galls Maya, who sets out to rein in the stallion. Also: Jack and Maya compete for an office-cleaner's favor in a feud that gets way out of hand.
Donnie Redeemed
16. Donnie Redeemed
August 2, 2003
Elliott's duplicitous brother (David Cross) returns, accompanied by his fiancé and now deeply sorry for conning his sibling in the past. The sudden turnaround doesn't convince Elliott, who's determined to prove this is another scam.
A Simple Kiss of Fate
15. A Simple Kiss of Fate
July 19, 2003
Simon (Simon Templeman) is about to pop the question to Nina (Wendie Malick), but she panics when she has to tell him she's still married to her last husband - the enchanting Roland Devereaux (guest star Jon Lovitz, NBC's "Saturday Night Live"). Jack (George Segal) finds the perfect man for Maya (Laura San Giacomo) - his lawyer - but Maya sticks to her instincts and falls for a radical naturist. David Spade and Enrico Colantoni also star.
Rivals in Romance
14. Rivals in Romance
July 19, 2003
Jack and Finch prepare for a meeting with Tate Gittling (guest star Alan Rachins, "L.A. Law"), the publisher of Blush's biggest rival magazine, in an attempt to join together for a charity function. But when Finch becomes romantically involved with Gittling's assistant, Bridget (guest star Judy Greer), he drops his guard and she sets him up to make Jack look bad. Meanwhile, Nina becomes jealous of her rock star boyfriend's (guest star Simon Templeman) celebrity status.
There's Something About Allison
13. There's Something About Allison
July 12, 2003
Finch's old buddy Bert - now a transsexual named Brandy - joins Finch as a couple at their high school reunion in order for Finch to arrive with a beautiful blonde while Bert/Brandy can attend without revealing his true identity. At the reunion, the girl they both competed for in high school hits it off with Brandy and reveals her past crush on Bert. Meanwhile, Maya and Elliott decide to become intimate with no strings attached.
The Talented Mr. Finch
12. The Talented Mr. Finch
July 12, 2003
Finch forgets to tell Jack about an important meeting with foreign clients, so he assumes Jack's identity and attempts to close a deal without Jack's knowledge. Meanwhile, Nina and her rock star boyfriend Simon (guest star Simon Templeman) force themselves to go clean in an attempt to get Nina's hard-partying granddaughter (guest star Sasha Barrese) to change her ways, and Elliott seizes an opportunity to confront his high school bully (guest star Jason Marsden).
The Comedy Stylings of Rivers & Red
11. The Comedy Stylings of Rivers & Red
April 22, 2003
Brian Dennehy returns as Dennis's boisterous dad, now Jack's bossy limo driver; Jack Carter plays an insult comic taking shots at Elliott, who hatches a scheme for revenge. Also: Maya's on edge about meeting a high-school beau.
Pictures of Lily
10. Pictures of Lily
April 22, 2003
The magazine-based sitcom opens a new edition with Morgan Fairchild guest starring as an ex-centerfold model bemused by Finch. Also: Nina's rocker beau bonds with Jack. Cheryl Ladd has a cameo.
Watch Your Backdraft
9. Watch Your Backdraft
January 14, 2003
Maya's tryst feeds office gossip, thanks to blabby Nina; Finch's scheme for a reserved parking space runs afoul of prying Elliott.
It's Raining Babies
8. It's Raining Babies
January 7, 2003
A Nina-Vicki tangle is the devilish work of Finch, a mischief-maker ripe for a comeuppance. George Lucas plays himself in a cameo role.
The Write Stuff
7. The Write Stuff
December 3, 2002
Nina's ego figures in a reshoot of her famous pinup pose; Finch's collegiate woes work on Maya's sympathies.
That Burning Passion
6. That Burning Passion
November 19, 2002
Passion enflames Maya, drawn to a fireman hunk who's Vicki's estranged spouse; jealousy rages between Nina and her rocker beau.
Da Sister Who Loved DiMauro
5. Da Sister Who Loved DiMauro
November 12, 2002
Gina Gershon guest stars as Rhonda, the beautiful but foul-mouthed sister of Vicki who immediately falls for Elliott. But when Elliott feigns interest in Rhonda only to ultimately make himself seem more interesting to Vicki, he finds himself in an awkward situation and only Finch can save him. Meanwhile, Jack annoys the entire office when he sets up closed-circuit cameras everywhere in an attempt to keep his eye on everyone while is home recovering from foot surgery.
Halloween? Halloween!
4. Halloween? Halloween!
October 29, 2002
Nina is throwing a Halloween party! At the party, Finch and Elliot compete for Blush's newest cover model, Kelly. In the end Finch gets her, only to find she is a lesbian who thinks he is a woman. Meanwhile, the jealous Elliot tries to keep Vicki from going home with a guy she met at the party.
Nina and the Rocker
3. Nina and the Rocker
October 22, 2002
Nina starts dating a British rocker named Simon Leeds. Meanwhile, Maya convinces Vicki to give her the details of her divorce. And Jack is prancing around showing off his new pocket watch until Elliot gets one too.
Mr. Jealousy
2. Mr. Jealousy
October 15, 2002
Finch is scared about Jack liking Vicki, so he sets her up to look bad, but he's not sure when she'll get him back. Meanwhile, Nina brings in a woman off the street to prove to Jack that he was wrong to hire Vicki. She is worried though when the woman gets lost in the building.
Guess Who's Coming to Blush
1. Guess Who's Coming to Blush
October 8, 2002
Jack hires a woman off the street to run the desk. The staff thinks its because Jack wants to seduce her. This causes her to quit. When the staff finds out that Jack didn't hire her for that reason, they convince her to come back to work. Meanwhile, Finch tries to get a distraught female co-worker to take comfort in his arms.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 4, 1997
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (21,335)