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  • TV-PG
  • 1994
  • 6 Seasons
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Party of Five is an American television drama series that first premiered on FOX on September 12, 1994, and aired until May 3, 2000. It was created by Christopher Keyser and Amy Lippman and produced by Columbia Pictures Television. The show followed the lives of five siblings who had to take care of themselves after their parents were killed in a car accident.

The Salinger siblings consisted of a college dropout Charlie (Matthew Fox), a high school student Bailey (Scott Wolf), a middle schooler Julia (Neve Campbell), a 10-year-old Claudia (Lacey Chabert), and a baby Owen. The show depicted the struggles that the siblings faced, both as a family and individually, after their parents' deaths.

Charlie, as the eldest sibling, took on the role of a parent for his siblings. Bailey, being the second oldest, felt that he had to take on more responsibility to prove himself as a reliable caretaker. Julia often felt left out as the middle child and struggled with adolescence. Claudia was a prodigy violinist and found solace in music after the death of her parents.

The family had to overcome various obstacles as they navigated their new lives. Charlie struggled with alcoholism and relationships, which impacted his ability to care for his siblings. Bailey had a gambling addiction and eventually suffered a mental breakdown. Julia faced the challenges of growing up and found herself involved with drugs and alcohol. Claudia had to handle the pressure of being a prodigy musician while dealing with the challenges of being a child in a difficult situation.

Despite the difficulties they faced, the siblings were always there for each other. They supported one another through the ups and downs, and their strong bond helped them to overcome the challenges they faced. Throughout the series, the siblings grew and matured as they learned to navigate their new lives together.

The show had a strong and dedicated cast including Jeremy London, Brittany Murphy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Alexondra Lee. London played the role of Justin, a love interest for Julia. Murphy played Christy, Bailey's girlfriend. Hewitt played Sarah, Bailey's other girlfriend. Lee played the role of Callie, a love interest for Bailey, and Grimes played Will, Julia’s love interest.

Apart from the main cast, the show had many guest stars throughout its six-season run. One of the most notable guest stars was Sarah McLachlan, who appeared in season one as herself and performed her song "Ice Cream."

Party of Five was critically acclaimed for its realistic portrayal of the struggles that many families face. The show dealt with serious issues such as addiction, poverty, and mental illness. It also tackled the themes of love, loss, and family.

The series finale, titled "All's Well...," aired on May 3, 2000, and marked the end of an era. The final episode was emotional as it tied up loose ends and provided closure for the characters.

In conclusion, Party of Five was a beloved six-season-long television drama that showcased the Salinger siblings as they navigated their new lives after their parents' deaths. The show was known for its realistic portrayal of family life and the challenges it presented. Fans still look back on the show as a memorable and emotional portrayal of a family's struggle.

Party of Five is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (143 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 1994.

Party of Five
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...That Ends Well (2)
24. ...That Ends Well (2)
May 3, 2000
As Charlie and Kirsten learn that they are going to have a baby boy, Bailey and Claudia trade news about their respective plans for the future. While they have already started to share their decisions about going to Penn and Julliard, Julia has managed to keep secret her new job in Washington. And though she had hoped to announce it at a family dinner, Julia is upstaged by Bailey's news. However, upon realizing that he will be the only Salinger left to care for Owen and the new baby, Charlie panics, leaving Claudia, Bailey and Julia to argue over who should stay behind. In order to break the standoff, Julia turns down the new job, while Claudia decides to attend Stanford in order to be closer to home. Seeing how his plans have caused everyone else to change theirs, Bailey then offers to stay so that Claudia and Julia can go. But realizing that he is the one standing in everyone's way, Charlie insists that they all go. After promising to return home as often as possible, Bailey and his sisters start packing up for the move. But when Charlie assesses the difficulties of living in the house with a new baby, he decides to sell it. And though Julia, Claudia and Bailey all balk, Charlie persuades them to go along by pointing out that the money from the house will be enough to pay for their plans. With the house sold and everyone ready to leave, the Salingers settle in to spend their last night together at home. While Kirsten remembers her marriage proposal to Charlie, Claudia recalls the tent she once used as a room. And as Julia remembers teaching Charlie how to dance, Bailey looks back on taking care of Owen. Finally, after Julia wishes Griffin well with his new girlfriend and Charlie offers him a loan to start his own motorcycle shop, the moving van arrives, leaving the Salingers to gather for one last look to see just how much they've all grown.
All's Well That Ends Well
23. All's Well That Ends Well
May 3, 2000
The future is unsettled as each of the Salingers ponders what to do next.
Falling Forward
22. Falling Forward
April 26, 2000
As Charlie and Bailey consider expanding their own furniture business, Julia must decide between school and a writing career. And while Justin suggests she attend a conference to discuss her book, Julia considers an offer to write for a new women's magazine. Although Will cannot shake the discomfort he feels about Holly, Bailey refuses to let him back out of their agreement. But realizing how contentious it has become, Holly decides to have their marriage annulled and return home. Meanwhile, as Claudia and Todd anxiously await news about college, Charlie gets word that his plant foreman had a heart attack. At the hospital, Mitch's wife, Elaine, blames long hours at work for endangering his life. Though Bailey thinks it's just a fluke, Charlie resolves to cut back and tells his brother to withdraw their new proposal. But when Bailey presses ahead with his pitch anyway, Jason Kimball is impressed and even suggests he consider going to business school. As Julia mulls over writing for the new magazine, Claudia is accepted at both Stanford and Julliard. Meanwhile, Bailey demands that Will keep up his end of their agreement in order to convince Holly not to leave. As Mitch insists that Charlie not scale things back because of him, Julia pours herself into her first column, only to find that her editor wants something lighter. When Claudia says she's ready for sex, Todd thinks it's only because she feels guilty about being accepted at Julliard. And while Julia turns to Justin for comfort, Holly breaks things off with Bailey and prepares to return home. After agreeing to increase the factory's output, Charlie gets word that Mitch is dead. As the death brings things into focus for Charlie and Kirsten, Claudia announces that she's going to Stanford and persuades Todd to have sex. Finally, unwilling to compromise her vision for the magazine, Julia heads for the women's conference to deliver her speech, while Justin goes east to get a di
Taboo or Not Taboo
21. Taboo or Not Taboo
April 19, 2000
Uncomfortable with his growing attraction to Holly, Will tries to avoid actually having to live under the same roof. However, worried that the immigration authorities might expose their ruse, Bailey insists that Will make it look like they are husband and wife. While Kirsten begins to envy the freedom enjoyed by Daphne and her friends, Claudia arranges for Julia to be interviewed about her book. And when Justin suddenly shows up just as the interview is getting started, Julia's blunt reaction establishes her credentials as a woman who can stand on her own. Meanwhile, Claudia struggles to keep up with Todd's busy social and work schedule. Though Holly is willing to let their relationship go where it may, Will isn't. Despite his increasing discomfort, he cannot keep from getting roped into a double date with his girlfriend. However, it's only after they are out at a restaurant that Will reveals he and Meredith aren't dating anymore. Meanwhile, after Julia does little to dispel her growing reputation, Phoebe is stunned when, arriving for another interview; she finds that Justin has spent the night. And in an effort to keep up with Todd, Claudia goes on line to buy a term paper. Although Daphne can no longer keep up with her old friends, it doesn't do anything to diminish Kirsten's envy. And when Kirsten raises the prospect of secretly working as a stripper, Daphne cannot discourage her. After tracking down Phoebe in order to explain, Julia struggles to understand what is going on between her and Justin. And while Claudia is upset and guilty when her paper gets the highest grade in the class, Will tells Bailey about his feelings for Holly. Finally, after finding out that she's been left out of Phoebe's article altogether, Julia decides to give a relationship with Justin a try. And after Todd admits that all he really wants to do is spend time with Claudia, Bailey refuses to let Will off the hook when it comes to maintaining
Great Expectations
20. Great Expectations
April 18, 2000
After arranging for Holly and Will to be married, Bailey begins to doubt the wisdom of the plan after seeing how close they must get in order to pass an immigration interview. And while Kirsten begins to have doubts about her pregnancy, Julia is stunned when Adam returns to announce that he's moving to a Mexican artist's colony -- and that he wants her to join him. Meanwhile, as Claudia struggles with some romantic dreams about Todd, Charlie and Bailey must decide what to do about a new employee's persistent insubordination. As putting put on a good show for the immigration authorities forges a bond between Holly and Will, Claudia tells Todd about her feelings for him. But when he fails to respond in kind, she's hurt and embarrassed. Upon finding that Will knows many of the secrets he shares with Holly, Bailey worries about what the sham marriage is doing to his chances at a romance. And when he presses for some answers, he's stung by Holly's cool response. Meanwhile, as Julia decides to give living in Mexico a try, Charlie opts to fire Mitch, only to have him quit first. And after cautioning her sister not to act rashly with Todd, Julia discovers the truth about Kirsten's pregnancy after she's forced to rush her to the hospital. Although Kirsten and the baby are fine, Julia feels the pressure of having to be there for her family and decides against going with Adam. And following a convincing performance at their INS interview, Will and Holly begin to see there may be something going on between them. Finally, after admitting to some mistakes of his own, Charlie convinces Mitch to stay on. And after Todd confesses to being in love with Claudia, word of Kirsten's pregnancy sets the Salingers to celebrating.
Isn't it Romantic
19. Isn't it Romantic
April 11, 2000
Julia and Claudia are stunned to see Ned in a supermarket parking lot. While Julia isn't sure what to make of his sudden reappearance, Griffin insists that she not try to contact him. With Kirsten trying to use their anniversary to distract Charlie from his grueling work schedule, a visa problem may send Holly back to England before she can finish school. So, Bailey offers to get married in order to allow her a chance to stay in the country. Meanwhile, as Charlie and Kirsten's romantic evening is interrupted by Daphne and Diana's unexpected return, Victor takes offense at Claudia's efforts to set him up with Ross. Ignoring Griffin's warnings, Julia tracks down Ned to tell him about her book and her anger. But when she's unwilling to listen to his story, Ned finds her at home to apologize, only to end up in a tense confrontation with Griffin. Although Holly reluctantly agreed to a marriage of convenience, she wonders about Bailey's intentions after hearing his plans for a real wedding and honeymoon. And after Daphne complains about how difficult life is with Luke away so much, Kirsten can relate all to well with her plight. Meanwhile, Ross reacts harshly to being rebuffed by Victor. As Julia and Griffin square off over Ned, Charlie helps Luke arrange a schedule that could work better for Daphne and Diana. However, after Kirsten points out that it sounds a lot like the promises he has made to her, Charlie realizes that he still has some work to do closer to home. While Ross doesn't hesitate to let Victor know just how he feels, Holly stuns Bailey by turning down his marriage proposal. But in an effort to help them stay together and keep Holly in the country, Will offers to be the husband of convenience. Finally, after helping Julia posts her entire book on a website for victims of domestic abuse, Claudia is surprised to find Victor and Ross out on a date.
Too Cool for School
18. Too Cool for School
April 4, 2000
As Charlie works to get his new designs rolling off the production line, Gus announces that he's considering selling the company. And while both Gus and his prospective buyer insist that nothing will change, Charlie isn't so sure and begins to consider buying it himself. Meanwhile, as Julia is taken aback when Adam jumps to her defense in class, Holly tries to interest Bailey in going back to school. And after learning that Todd will be seeing an old girlfriend while working in New York City, Claudia suspects that Victor may be involved with drugs. Ignoring Julia's warnings, Adam continues his confrontational approach in class. As Julia tries to keep Adam from being kicked out of school, a trip to the university where Holly attends gets Bailey thinking about returning. After coming to grips with just how much money it would take to buy the company, Charlie is disappointed when the bank won't loan him enough to complete the deal. Meanwhile, after calling him in New York, Claudia is upset to learn that Todd's old girlfriend spent the night in his hotel room. As Bailey looks for the money to help Charlie buy the furniture business, Victor balks at Claudia questions about his personal life. yet, upon reconsidering his stance, he reveals that he's been secretly supporting a child he fathered before moving to San Francisco. As Julia discovers that Adam left the country in an effort to get some perspective on his feelings for her, Todd returns from New York to make it clear that he only has eyes for Claudia. Finally, after the family offers to put up the money to help buy the factory, Charlie convinces Gus to sell it to him.
Getting There
17. Getting There
March 21, 2000
While she's helping Bailey clarify what it is he wants to do with his life, Holly's sister unexpectedly shows up from London. As Holly tries explaining Fiona's checkered past to Bailey, Kirsten's morning sickness and a big order for his new furniture line presents Charlie with problems of his own. Meanwhile, as Julia and Adam unleash their pent up sexual desires for each other, Claudia unwittingly beats out Todd for a plum assignment in the studio. Although Fiona is more interested in Griffin and Will, Bailey is determined to keep her focused on finishing her new line of clothing. And when the new order forces Charlie to consider expanding his new business, Bailey refuses his call for help. While Julia makes it clear that sex helps unleash her creativity, Adam admits that it saps his ability to focus. Meanwhile, after Todd subtly unnerves Claudia before an important recording session, they square off over who will be named first chair, While Fiona is determined to spend the day sightseeing with Griffin, Bailey arranges for a fashion show at the restaurant. Although she takes Bailey to task for fueling her mentally unstable sister's career fantasy, seeing just how happy Fiona with only limited success makes Holly wonder whose life is really on track. In an effort to salvage both their writing and romance, Julia and Adam learn some tantric sexual techniques that could serve them both well. And as their competition for first chair heats up, the sexual tension between Claudia and Todd does, too. Finally, after asking Charlie not to turn down the big order, Bailey agrees to become his partner.
Blast the Past
16. Blast the Past
March 14, 2000
While Bailey struggles with his stay in a rehab center, Julia learns that Justin and Laura are eloping. Upon reading Justin's e-mail, Adam insists that it is a cry for Julia to come to Las Vegas to talk her old friend out of it. As Kirsten becomes emotionally involved with the troubled teenaged subjects of a drug treatment study, Claudia tries to assess Todd's interest in her. And once she hears of Julia's plight, Claudia offers to have Todd drive her sister to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, as Charlie expresses reluctance to trust Joe with the restaurant's finances, Bailey unexpectedly returns home after being discharged from rehab. As Kirsten's deepening depression worries Charlie, Will enlists Holly to help lift Bailey's flagging spirits. Although he's appreciative of their effort, Bailey's uncertainty over the extent of his problem with alcohol leaves him confused. Upon her arrival in Vegas with Claudia and Todd, Justin grills Julia about just why she's come. But before Julia can square things with Justin, Adam unexpectedly arrives to reveal his own feelings for her. Meanwhile, as Kirsten's boss questions her ability to continue their work, Bailey's return to the clinic ends with him stopping a patient's relapse. With Julia struggling with what to do about Justin and Adam, Joe confronts Charlie about his mistrust before deciding to quit. Back at the clinic, Bailey's heroism underscores his compulsion to try and solve everyone else's problems. As Claudia and Todd end up spending the night together, Julia opts not to interfere with Justin and Laura's wedding. And with her feelings for Justin set aside, she's free to pursue a relationship with Adam. Finally, as Charlie learns that Kirsten's depression is a result of her being pregnant, it's Owen who helps make Bailey feel needed by the family again.
What If ...
15. What If ...
February 22, 2000
Following his car accident, an injured Bailey dreams about what life would have been like had his parents not been killed. As Bailey finds the preparations for his mom and dad's thirty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration well underway, Claudia arrives home early from a world concert tour, while Stanford roommates Julia and Justin prepare to announce their engagement. And as Bailey worries about how to tell his parents that he's flunking out of school, Charlie gets word that a girlfriend is pregnant. As Will and Bailey agree to drop out of college to work on a rock band's tour, Claudia considers giving up her concert career in order to spend more time at home. During a visit with his girlfriend to see a pregnancy counselor, Charlie meets Kirsten. And after running into him at an auto repair shop, Julia tracks down Griffin at a bar, only to balk at the suggestion that she come home with him. While Julia begins questioning her engagement to Justin, Bailey struggles to find the nerve to admit that he's quitting school. Meanwhile, as Kirsten suggests that Charlie could be a good father if he chose to, Bailey fails to show up to leave on the tour with Will. With last minute preparations for the party keeping Charlie and Bailey busy, Griffin encourages Julia to work out her problems with Justin. And after Charlie thanks Kirsten for helping him and Felicia to decide on finding adoptive parents for their baby, Claudia decides to go back on the road after all. Finally, Julia puts off Justin's marriage proposal for now, while Bailey is persuaded to join the family business. And once the surprise party gets underway, Bailey wakes up to find that no one was hurt in the crash and decides to check into rehab.
One For the Road
14. One For the Road
February 8, 2000
After Julia and Claudia insist that their overworked brother take a day for himself, Bailey is persuaded to join Evvie at a friend's wild party. But when Bailey cannot keep his own drinking a secret any longer, Evvie decides it would be okay to join him. Meanwhile, Charlie makes clear his reservations about Daphne taking Diana to Texas with Luke. And on the eve of Justin and Laura's engagement party, Adam reveals how ill suited he thinks they are as a couple - and just how much Julia and Justin seem to belong together. When Charlie seeks legal means to keep Diana in San Francisco, Kirsten warns him against taking on a losing battle. But when he decides to talk to Daphne about it, Charlie discovers that she's decided to stay and avoid their daughter becoming the object of an intense legal fight. Though she tries to ignore Adam's warnings about the ill-fated marriage, Julia advises Justin to slow things down. Meanwhile, when Evvie in danger of dying from alcohol poisoning, Bailey takes her to the hospital where Holly overhears his heated argument with an angry AA sponsor. As Luke prepares to move back home alone, Charlie decides to let Daphne and Diana go. And after both Griffin and Adam make it clear that they are intimidated by her close relationship with Justin, Julia admits that her own jealousy may have fueled her comments about Laura. However, after thinking it over, Justin announces that he's decided to postpone the wedding after all. Finally, after being rebuffed by Holly, Bailey gets drunk and ends up in a car accident.
The Declaration of Co-Dependence
13. The Declaration of Co-Dependence
February 1, 2000
Because of financial difficulties stemming from his divorce, Joe has been secretly embezzling money from the restaurant. Rather than tell his siblings the truth, Bailey tries to handle the problem himself after Joe agrees to pay him back. After threatening to expose Joe's financial misdeeds if he says anything about his drinking, Bailey meets a woman outside a recovery group meeting who asks him to be her sponsor. Meanwhile, upon discovering that Adam is interested in being more than just friends, Julia does her best to resist a romantic entanglement. When Gus tries cutting corners in order to save some money on his new furniture line; Charlie worries that it will lead to cancelled orders. And as the job continues to strain things back at home, Charlie discovers just how much he's being credited for saving Gus's business from failure. As Evvie shares her problems staying sober with Bailey, he cannot bring himself to admit that he's started drinking again. And once Julia makes it clear that she's not ready to get involved, Adam stops communicating altogether. Meanwhile, as Gus decides to turn the business over to Charlie, Joe reveals the truth about his embezzlement to the rest of the Salingers. After criticizing Bailey's silence, Julia and Claudia insist on meeting with the restaurant's accountant. But after agreeing to meet with his siblings, Bailey leaves them waiting in order to spend an evening with Evvie. Though presented with the opportunity he always wanted, Charlie isn't so sure that he can meet his commitment to family and his job. And while Adam tries putting up a good front, he cannot keep his attraction to Julia in check. Finally, Daphne announces that Luke wants her and Diana to move to his hometown in Texas.
Bad Behavior
12. Bad Behavior
January 25, 2000
As Bailey offers to entertain the teenage sister of Will's new girlfriend, Charlie prepares to exhibit his new furniture line at a big trade show. And though he tries hard to stay interested in Kirsten's work, Charlie takes advantage of the first opportunity to leave and help Daphne set up his booth. As Julia is drawn to an elusive classmate, Claudia runs into Todd, a former rival who is now a studio musician. And while Todd tries to persuade Claudia into giving it a try, too, Julia discovers that Adam isn't actually enrolled at the school. Meanwhile, after Bailey offers to speak with the father of Owen's best friend regarding his comments about Victor's homosexuality, Will comes down hard on him for having sex with Deborah's teenage sister. Charlie asks Kirsten to join him at the convention center where Daphne's risqué but highly effective sales pitch for his new furniture is working wonders. And as a crisis of confidence sends Claudia seeking her sister's advice on how to handle Todd, Julia's character study for a class assignment inadvertently exposes Adam as a campus interloper. Meanwhile, Victor asks Bailey to intervene after Owen repeats Mr. Ward's unsavory remarks. Julia's offer to help get him enrolled at CFA forces Adam to reveal that he never even graduated from high school. And while he agrees to accept her help, it's only after testing Julia's creativity. As Bailey does his best to explain Victor's situation to Owen, Claudia is relieved to discover that Todd isn't nearly as mature as he seems. Finally, Charlie presses Daphne to devote more time to helping him with the business so he can be with Kirsten, while Bailey responds to the pressures at home and work by drinking again.
Fear and Loathing
11. Fear and Loathing
January 18, 2000
When Claudia's hastily planned college tour catches her siblings by surprise, Julia insists on coming along and makes sure that they contact Justin upon arriving at Yale. But when Claudia insists on taking care of herself, Julia is left behind with Justin and his intense new girlfriend, Laura. Meanwhile, as Kirsten learns that the insurance company has finally approved he surgery that could allow her to have a baby, Charlie is disturbed to find Daphne's new boyfriend living with her and Diana. And as Bailey sticks with his plan to take things slow with Holly, Victor learns of a bully who is tormenting Owen at school. As student guide Peter Carlton gives Claudia an insider's tour of the Yale community, Justin seeks Julia's advice on his plan to propose to Laura. And while Charlie expresses his concerns over Luke's living with Daphne and Diana, Bailey drops by to surprise Holly, only to find her kissing another man. But when he tries to ask about what he saw, Holly accuses him of spying. Meanwhile, despite work schedules that are making it harder for them to care for Diana, Kirsten presses Charlie not to give up on his dream at work. So, upon finding that Luke is devoted to providing a good life for both Daphne and Diana, Charlie decides to stop worrying about them. Because of her bad experience with Derek, Claudia finds it hard to relax around boys and cuts her college tour short to return home. Struggling to understand her sister's fears, Julia cannot bring herself to be honest with Justin about Laura. Finally, after Victor's martial arts instruction empowers Owen to take on the bully, Charlie and Kirsten encourage each other to go after what they want from life, while Bailey is stunned when Holly decides to break up.
Dog Day After New Year
10. Dog Day After New Year
January 11, 2000
Bailey surprises everyone by announcing that he's spending New Year's Eve at the wedding of Holly's cousin. And while Charlie hopes that a promotion at work will help get his own furniture designs into production, Julia suspects that a new editor is avoiding her. So, with Griffin's help, she arranges an ambush in order to discuss the future of her book. Meanwhile, as Claudia reveals that she wants to graduate high school a year early, Bailey worries about just where his relationship with Holly is going. And after approaching his boss about his designs, Charlie learns some grim news about the company's finances. At the wedding, the realization that Holly's family either thinks they are engaged or already married causes Bailey to panic. While Julia is stunned to learn that her book has been dropped following the publication of another just like it, Daphne's new boyfriend seeks Charlie and Kirsten's approval for a marriage proposal. As Bailey struggles to apologize to Holly, Claudia calls from the vet's office with some bad news about the family's dog, Thurber. And as Bailey and Claudia disagree on how best to treat him, Julia is at home mulling over her future when she and Griffin get word of the dog's fatal illness. Meanwhile, a lavish party at work causes Charlie to wonder about his future at the company. As Griffin and Julia are frustrated by a New Year's Eve traffic jam, Bailey sadly tells Owen the truth about putting Thurber to sleep. Following the New Year's Eve death of the family dog, the Salingers and their friends gather to scatter the remains. Still upset about how an expensive party will affect the company's financial health, Charlie confronts Gus, who decides that some of the new designs might work out after all. Finally, after apologizing for not believing that Bailey had to leave the wedding to be with the family's dying dog, Holly agrees to take their relationship one step at a time. The Salingers still manage to ring in the Year 2000 together.
Ties That Bind
9. Ties That Bind
December 7, 1999
Despite the mounting costs, the Salingers agree to do whatever it takes to pay Griffin's hospital bill. As Charlie and Kirsten struggle with absorbing the high cost of their efforts to have a baby, Claudia asks Ross to resume her violin lessons in hopes of winning a lucrative competition. And upon learning of Bailey's garage sale to raise money for Griffin, Holly reconsiders her opinion of him. But once he learns of the family's efforts on his behalf, Griffin bolts from the hospital. As Charlie explores the black market for cheaper fertility drugs, Bailey impresses Holly with an unusual date. But after taking him home for the night, she begins to balk. While Griffin is unable to get his mom to help out, Kirsten and Charlie track down an illicit supplier for their medication. However, when they are ripped off and left unable to recover their $600, Charlie is upset to find that his truck has been towed, too. Meanwhile, as her confrontation with a boyfriend suggests that Holly is getting serious about Bailey, Griffin refuses Julia's offer to have him stay with the family during his recovery. After Charlie calls on Bailey to help recover his truck, Kirsten decides to give up on trying to get pregnant for now. And as both Holly and Bailey wonder if a serious relationship is right for them, Claudia makes it clear that she's only interested in returning to the violin if she can be the best. Finally, Griffin decides to stay, but only if he can work off his debt to the Salingers.
Faith, Hope and Charity
8. Faith, Hope and Charity
November 30, 1999
Though Joe and Charlie are impressed, Bailey doesn't appreciate the fact that two women are pursuing him at the same time. And when an accident brings Holly to his door, Bailey sees it as fate and asks that she call him sometime. Returning unexpectedly from school, Brian clears the air with Julia about their kiss. But when his dad fails to temper some harsh critiques of her book, Brian is the one to comfort Julia. Meanwhile, though her friends at school want to ignore the incident with Derek, Claudia doesn't. And as Charlie prepares to celebrate his thirtieth birthday, Griffin and Daphne's romance becomes public. After Julia gives her approval to Griffin's dating Daphne, Evan accidentally learns of his son's interest in her. And when their date is disrupted when Tracy's husband accuses Bailey of having an affair with his wife, Holly makes it clear that she's interested in someone with more mature judgment. Meanwhile, Julia is unhappy over Evan's mild reaction to his son's falling in love with her. And getting drunk with Myra causes Claudia to frighten her friends at the dance with her blunt honesty. As Griffin tries telling Daphne that there's nothing between them, a motorcycle accident lands them both in the hospital. While her injuries are minor, his are not. And when his father cannot be reached, the Salingers pay for the surgery needed to save Griffin's badly injured hand. Despite Evan's pledge to be more open, Julia decides that the relationship isn't going to work. And when his birthday is disrupted by all the turmoil, Charlie decides to give up teaching in order to focus on trying to have a baby with Kirsten. Finally, after running into Holly at the hospital, Bailey insists that he's not ready to give up on her just yet. And while Julia does her best to comfort Griffin, the outcome of his operation remains uncertain.
We Gather Together
7. We Gather Together
November 16, 1999
Accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with Myra, Charlie is encouraged to settle the matter by resigning his teaching job. Hoping to avoid a stressful situation that could jeopardize Kirsten's pregnancy, Charlie ponders accepting the school district's offer. While Julia gets an unexpected introduction to Evan's rebellious son, Bailey fends off Tracy while preparing for the family's annual Thanksgiving Day feast. And as Claudia struggles with how to handle Derek's attempted sexual assault, Victor encourages Daphne to act on her attraction to Griffin. While her sister insists that she speak with someone at school about Derek, Claudia is reluctant to do anything that would hurt her reputation. As Bailey tries making amends with Tracy, Julia invites Evan and Brian to Thanksgiving dinner. And when Kirsten's pregnancy fails to take, Charlie decides to fight Sylvia's allegations. Meanwhile, as Julia nervously prepares to introduce Evan and Brian to her family, alcohol helps fuel the budding romance between Daphne and Griffin. And as Will asks Bailey on a double date with two beautiful wrestling ring girls, Julia intervenes in an argument between Brian and his dad. Arriving unannounced during Thanksgiving dinner, Myra begs Charlie not to do anything that would cause her to be taken away from her mom. Despite Myra's plea, Charlie demands that Sylvia pay more attention to her daughter. As Griffin and Daphne try unsuccessfully to derail their sexual relationship, Claudia admits to never seeking any help at school. Finally, after agreeing to join Will and the ring girls for a drink, Bailey makes a second date with Tracy later that same night. And once Evan takes Julia's advice, Brian agrees to head back to college, but not before giving his dad's girlfriend more than just a friendly kiss.
Too Close
6. Too Close
November 9, 1999
When Myra is apprehended for shoplifting; Charlie contacts her mother, only to find that she has no interest in talking. And though he struggles to keep from getting involved with Myra's troubled life, Charlie still takes her in when she's picked up for being drunk. As Julia asks Evan to meet her family, Claudia is stunned to find that Cameron and Alexa have made up. Aware that Cameron is still closely watching her, Claudia sets out to encourage another classmate's interest. Meanwhile, Bailey is struggling to resist drinking again when a woman in a bar approaches him. When Evan fails to make it to the Salinger family's dinner, his efforts to make amends leave Julia disappointed. And as he and Will are treating Bailey to an evening at a strip club, Griffin is stunned to find Daphne working there. While Daphne avoids Bailey seeing her only because he slips away to see Tracy, Charlie alerts the school principal to Myra's problems. And when Claudia tries to use a party to get to know Derek a little better, she flees after he tries forcing her into bed. As Evan decides to open up about his relationship with Julia, Claudia struggles to regain her composure following Derek's sexual assault. And when Charlie learns that he's being accused of having a sexual relationship with Myra, Bailey invites Will to move into the Salinger's basement to escape his parent's constant criticism. Finally, after spending the night at Tracy's hotel, Bailey is surprised to learn that she's married.
The Shortest Distance
5. The Shortest Distance
November 2, 1999
As he and Kirsten forge ahead with their plans to get pregnant, the cost of the effort forces Charlie to take on another job. As Charlie asks her to take over tutoring Myra, Claudia worries about Alexa finding out about her and Cameron. While Evan insists that he and Julia cannot have anything other than a strictly professional relationship, Bailey enlists Griffin and Will in a trip to see Sarah. Only after leaving do they discover that Bailey intends to make the cross-country trip in three days to surprise Sarah. And when the trio is stranded by a breakdown, Bailey reveals that Sarah has no idea he's coming to bring her home. In an effort to get back on the road as soon as possible, Bailey tracks down the parts they need for the truck. But having had enough of his single-minded obsession, both Griffin and Will decide to go back home. Meanwhile, as Myra stumbles onto the truth about Claudia and Cameron, Julia openly challenges Evan during an important marketing conference. And while she ends up finding a clearer purpose in her writing, the experience leaves Evan wondering if they should be having sex after all. After having second thoughts, Griffin and Will offer to rejoin Bailey's trip. Yet, giving their harsh assessment of his unannounced visit some thought, Bailey decides to return home with them instead. As Kirsten's medication diminishes her interest in sex, Daphne tries to relieve Charlie's burden by claiming she's found work. While Daphne seeks Victor's help in order to find the job she's now supposed to have, Claudia decides to break off her secret affair with Cameron. Finally, Kirsten surprises Charlie at the fertility clinic.
Wrestling Demons
4. Wrestling Demons
October 26, 1999
With Sarah in New York looking for her father, Will's return from college to spend a year working for a professional wrestling promoter provides Bailey with a momentary distraction. However, when he offers to join Will for an airport run Bailey's day is unexpectedly disrupted when wrestler Mr. Mayhem demands to be taken to see his estranged wife. Meanwhile, as Cameron continues using the anonymity of his Internet column to criticize Alexa, Kirsten decides to see a fertility specialist. And while Owen ignores Bailey's warnings against having a Halloween party, a classmate encourages Julia to start dating her editor, Evan Stilman. At the apartment of Mr. Mayhem and his wife, Bailey quickly grows tired of their childish antics and insists that the two face their marital problems like adults. As Claudia asks Cameron to tell Alexa how he feels, Griffin agrees to help with the party's haunted house, unaware of Victor's growing attraction to him. Meanwhile, after Julia is stunned by Isabel's own play for Evan at a big Halloween ball, Charlie balks at Kirsten's trying to have a baby of her own with little regard for the consequences. Meanwhile, Bailey returns home to find the costume party in progress, but can only focus on having missed Sarah's call. And after Alexa tearfully announces their break up, Claudia is surprised by a kiss from Cameron. After Isabel offers her the first chance at landing Evan, an accident sends Julia to the emergency room. Word that she's in the hospital brings her costumed siblings running. But when the injuries aren't serious and the relieved Salingers return to the party, Evan stays behind. However, after he balks at a kiss, an embarrassed Julia realizes she's overstepped her bounds. Finally, Claudia struggles to keep Alexa from learning that she's Cameron's new romantic interest. And as Bailey apologizes for being too harsh with Will, Charlie agrees to cooperate with Kirsten's efforts to have a baby.
Bye Bye Love
3. Bye Bye Love
October 19, 1999
Only after coming home to find that she's hired a babysitter while looking for a new job do Charlie and Kirsten learn that Daphne's been fired. Although Charlie is unable to find her something, Kirsten gets Daphne an interview at the hospital where she works. And after lying about her qualifications, she's hired as the assistant to Kirsten's boss. Meanwhile, as the author of an anonymous Internet column goes after Claudia's new friends at school, Charlie tries to motivate an alienated student. And as Julia's editor pushes her to look more critically at her parents, Sarah decides to go to New York to find her real father. While Daphne struggles with the demands of a new boss, Claudia begins to suspect a friend of writing the hateful column. But her inquiries backfire when she's accused of being the author. After Charlie uses an unusual project to get Myra's attention, a classmate also encourages Julia to take a closer look at her family. However, when Bailey insists that she not write critically of their mom and dad, Julia considers moving out so that she can finish the book away from her family's prying eyes. When Daphne announces that she's quitting, Kirsten's warnings about the consequences of a checkered job history force her to think twice. And as Julia begins to suspect that Evan's advice is motivated by his own wife's suicide, Claudia is suddenly off the hook when she becomes a target of the spiteful column, too. As Daphne persuades Kirsten to accept her decision about the job, Sarah convinces Julia not to move out. Finally, while Kirsten decides that she's ready to become a parent, Bailey makes it clear how happy he is to have Julia staying after all as he anxiously sends Sarah off to New York.
2. Naked
October 12, 1999
Following their wedding, Charlie and Kirsten are honeymooning in Mexico where the combination of his severe sunburn and her stomach ailment has kept them from having sex. But back home, Bailey and Sarah are jumpstarting their own relationship with nothing but sex. And as Julia seeks help in getting started with her new book, Daphne is left on her own to be a good mom to Diana while trying to work. Meanwhile, despite Cody's efforts, Claudia still refuses to resume their romance. As Sarah suggests that she and Bailey take some time to talk outside of the bedroom, Charlie and Kirsten's initial foray into sex as husband and wife is less than satisfying. And while discussing it, Charlie learns some startling news about her previous experiences in bed. Meanwhile, when the school's homecoming queen wants to talk about her relationship with Cody, Claudia discovers that Alexa's sudden interest stems from her own boyfriend's infidelity. And as Julia fails to get any guidance from publisher Evan Stilman, Bailey begins to regret taking the time to let Sarah talk. As the conflicts between parenting and work cost Daphne her job, Alexa inspires Claudia to make it clear that she never wants to see Cody again. As her sister's stance against Cody suddenly makes her one of the most popular girls at school, Julia forces Evan to get more involved with her efforts to write the book. Meanwhile, when Charlie is both intrigued and intimidated by the revelations about the kinky sex in her past, Kirsten decides to take a chance by giving him a taste of it, too. Finally, as Charlie encourages Kirsten to experiment even more in bed, Bailey isn't so sure he's interested in Sarah's own sexually aggressive stance.
Don't Let Go
1. Don't Let Go
October 5, 1999
With Charlie and Kirtsen's wedding fast approaching, Bailey has thrown himself wholeheartedly into its planning. As an avalanche of problems just days before the big event fails to deter him, it's clear that Bailey's intense focus is rooted in Sarah's refusal to marry him. And when Claudia gets Cody's band to perform at the wedding, a noted publisher invites Julia to submit a book proposal. Meanwhile, Kirsten's parents arrive for the wedding and it's clear that her father still doesn't approve of Charlie. As the wedding plans move ahead, Julia questions whether she will have to time to write a book while fulfilling her obligations at school. Asked for his advice, publisher Evan Stilman suggests that she consider leaving Stanford for a college where she can commit herself to writing fulltime. Meanwhile, as she and Charlie decide to have their wedding at home, things with Kirsten's parents finally boil over when it becomes clear that they don't think she can handle the stress. And after Claudia accidentally sees Cody flirting with a sexy bandmate, Sarah points out that the wedding Bailey was planning was the one he wanted for himself. As Julia seeks Griffin's advice before deciding to transfer from Stanford, Bailey makes it clear that he sees Charlie's wedding as a chance for the family to say goodbye. With Sarah and Bailey trying to patch up their differences, Charlie takes over the last minute wedding plans and comes through with a beautiful oceanside site that is rich in family history. And once the wedding finally gets underway, everyone manages to set aside their reservations and differences in order to enjoy the big event
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