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Party of Five is a drama that stars Neve Campbell, Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox, Lacey Chabert, Jeremy London, Paula Devicq and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The show is about orphaned children Bailey, Charlie, Claudia, Julia and Owen. Charlie, who is portrayed by Matthew Fox, is 24 and becomes his siblings' legal guardian after their parents are killed in a car accident. Charlie is not very responsible and has to take over not only being mother and father to the kids but also has to run the family business. The family owns a restaurant named Salinger's, and Charlie must take it over as he is the oldest child and the only one over 18.

Things are rough at first because he has to care for four children, including Owen, who is a baby under the age of one. He decides to hire a nanny named Kirsten whom he has a relationship with during the series.

Neve Campbell portrays Julia, the eldest daughter of the Salinger clan. She is 15 years old and has a lot of issues emotionally with men. She begins to date a man named Griffin and ends up being abused. She and Charlie are close, and as the series evolves he becomes more of a father figure to her.

Claudia is the youngest daughter and is 11. She is highly intelligent and is a prodigy at playing the violin. She struggles with the loss of her parents and tries to look out for her siblings, especially her baby brother Owen.

Bailey is 16 when the series begins, and he rebels against Charlie's authority and does not see him as being someone who is in charge. Over the series, he dates a girl named Sarah and deals with his own substance abuse problems stemming from his parents' death. The series is about how families with children go on after their parents have passed away. The drama is about love, joy and sadness, which is what makes up their party of five.

Party of Five is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (143 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 1994.

Party of Five is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Party of Five on demand atAmazon, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

6 Seasons, 143 Episodes
September 12, 1994
Cast: Jeremy London, Brittany Murphy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matthew Fox, Neve Campbell
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Party of Five Full Episode Guide

  • As Charlie and Kirsten learn that they are going to have a baby boy, Bailey and Claudia trade news about their respective plans for the future. While they have already started to share their decisions about going to Penn and Julliard, Julia has managed to keep secret her new job in Washington. And though she had hoped to announce it at a family dinner, Julia is upstaged by Bailey's news. However, upon realizing that he will be the only Salinger left to care for Owen and the new baby, Charlie panics, leaving Claudia, Bailey and Julia to argue over who should stay behind. In order to break the standoff, Julia turns down the new job, while Claudia decides to attend Stanford in order to be closer to home. Seeing how his plans have caused everyone else to change theirs, Bailey then offers to stay so that Claudia and Julia can go. But realizing that he is the one standing in everyone's way, Charlie insists that they all go. After promising to return home as often as possible, Bailey and his sisters start packing up for the move. But when Charlie assesses the difficulties of living in the house with a new baby, he decides to sell it. And though Julia, Claudia and Bailey all balk, Charlie persuades them to go along by pointing out that the money from the house will be enough to pay for their plans. With the house sold and everyone ready to leave, the Salingers settle in to spend their last night together at home. While Kirsten remembers her marriage proposal to Charlie, Claudia recalls the tent she once used as a room. And as Julia remembers teaching Charlie how to dance, Bailey looks back on taking care of Owen. Finally, after Julia wishes Griffin well with his new girlfriend and Charlie offers him a loan to start his own motorcycle shop, the moving van arrives, leaving the Salingers to gather for one last look to see just how much they've all grown.

  • The future is unsettled as each of the Salingers ponders what to do next.

  • As Bailey offers to entertain the teenage sister of Will's new girlfriend, Charlie prepares to exhibit his new furniture line at a big trade show. And though he tries hard to stay interested in Kirsten's work, Charlie takes advantage of the first opportunity to leave and help Daphne set up his booth. As Julia is drawn to an elusive classmate, Claudia runs into Todd, a former rival who is now a studio musician. And while Todd tries to persuade Claudia into giving it a try, too, Julia discovers that Adam isn't actually enrolled at the school. Meanwhile, after Bailey offers to speak with the father of Owen's best friend regarding his comments about Victor's homosexuality, Will comes down hard on him for having sex with Deborah's teenage sister. Charlie asks Kirsten to join him at the convention center where Daphne's risqué but highly effective sales pitch for his new furniture is working wonders. And as a crisis of confidence sends Claudia seeking her sister's advice on how to handle Todd, Julia's character study for a class assignment inadvertently exposes Adam as a campus interloper. Meanwhile, Victor asks Bailey to intervene after Owen repeats Mr. Ward's unsavory remarks. Julia's offer to help get him enrolled at CFA forces Adam to reveal that he never even graduated from high school. And while he agrees to accept her help, it's only after testing Julia's creativity. As Bailey does his best to explain Victor's situation to Owen, Claudia is relieved to discover that Todd isn't nearly as mature as he seems. Finally, Charlie presses Daphne to devote more time to helping him with the business so he can be with Kirsten, while Bailey responds to the pressures at home and work by drinking again.

  • Despite the mounting costs, the Salingers agree to do whatever it takes to pay Griffin's hospital bill. As Charlie and Kirsten struggle with absorbing the high cost of their efforts to have a baby, Claudia asks Ross to resume her violin lessons in hopes of winning a lucrative competition. And upon learning of Bailey's garage sale to raise money for Griffin, Holly reconsiders her opinion of him. But once he learns of the family's efforts on his behalf, Griffin bolts from the hospital. As Charlie explores the black market for cheaper fertility drugs, Bailey impresses Holly with an unusual date. But after taking him home for the night, she begins to balk. While Griffin is unable to get his mom to help out, Kirsten and Charlie track down an illicit supplier for their medication. However, when they are ripped off and left unable to recover their $600, Charlie is upset to find that his truck has been towed, too. Meanwhile, as her confrontation with a boyfriend suggests that Holly is getting serious about Bailey, Griffin refuses Julia's offer to have him stay with the family during his recovery. After Charlie calls on Bailey to help recover his truck, Kirsten decides to give up on trying to get pregnant for now. And as both Holly and Bailey wonder if a serious relationship is right for them, Claudia makes it clear that she's only interested in returning to the violin if she can be the best. Finally, Griffin decides to stay, but only if he can work off his debt to the Salingers.

  • With Sarah in New York looking for her father, Will's return from college to spend a year working for a professional wrestling promoter provides Bailey with a momentary distraction. However, when he offers to join Will for an airport run Bailey's day is unexpectedly disrupted when wrestler Mr. Mayhem demands to be taken to see his estranged wife. Meanwhile, as Cameron continues using the anonymity of his Internet column to criticize Alexa, Kirsten decides to see a fertility specialist. And while Owen ignores Bailey's warnings against having a Halloween party, a classmate encourages Julia to start dating her editor, Evan Stilman. At the apartment of Mr. Mayhem and his wife, Bailey quickly grows tired of their childish antics and insists that the two face their marital problems like adults. As Claudia asks Cameron to tell Alexa how he feels, Griffin agrees to help with the party's haunted house, unaware of Victor's growing attraction to him. Meanwhile, after Julia is stunned by Isabel's own play for Evan at a big Halloween ball, Charlie balks at Kirsten's trying to have a baby of her own with little regard for the consequences. Meanwhile, Bailey returns home to find the costume party in progress, but can only focus on having missed Sarah's call. And after Alexa tearfully announces their break up, Claudia is surprised by a kiss from Cameron. After Isabel offers her the first chance at landing Evan, an accident sends Julia to the emergency room. Word that she's in the hospital brings her costumed siblings running. But when the injuries aren't serious and the relieved Salingers return to the party, Evan stays behind. However, after he balks at a kiss, an embarrassed Julia realizes she's overstepped her bounds. Finally, Claudia struggles to keep Alexa from learning that she's Cameron's new romantic interest. And as Bailey apologizes for being too harsh with Will, Charlie agrees to cooperate with Kirsten's efforts to have a baby.

  • As Bailey continues to worry about Claudia, Kirsten suggests that she may be about to move on in her life without Charlie. So, after Bailey decides to put some stability back into his own chaotic life by asking Sarah to marry him, Charlie reveals that he's also going to propose. Meanwhile, as Claudia tries changing her image to impress Cody and his friends, Julia and Sarah are both hard at work trying to salvage what's left of the school year. But when Justin arrives unexpectedly, Julia refuses his offer to help prepare her for an important exam. Following through with their plans to propose, Bailey and Charlie each arrange romantic dinners. However, when asked, Kirsten balks, believing that Charlie is asking her out of pity. And while Sarah is more than a little surprised when Bailey pops the question, she hesitatingly accepts. When Bailey suggests a joint engagement party, Charlie reveals that Kirsten turned him down. But, after Daphne points out just how devoted Charlie has been remained to her, Kirsten changes her mind. Meanwhile, after Claudia gets drunk with his friends, Cody isn't impressed. After discovering that she didn't get the scholarship she and Julia both want, Sarah begins to voice some reservations about getting married. And as Kirsten tells Charlie that she will marry him after all, Sarah turns Bailey down. Finally, as Julia is stunned to learn that she won the scholarship, Claudia returns to normal, much to the delight of Cody and Bailey. And as Daphne and Kirsten cautiously try making amends, Charlie asks Bailey to be his best man.

  • Looking back to 1994, PARTY OF FIVE creators Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser reminisce with Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell and Lacey Chabert about the show's earliest days. After recalling how each cast member was found, the discussion turns to the relationships between Charlie, Bailey, Julia and Claudia Salinger-- four siblings whose parent's untimely death at the hands of a drunk driver left them with a baby brother to raise. Meanwhile, cast member Jennifer Love Hewitt is given a trivia quiz to test her knowledge of her character, Sarah. Recalling when Paula Devicq was originally introduced as the Salinger's new nanny, Kirsten, the cast remembers the Thanksgiving where they confronted the man responsible for their parent's death. And after remembering how the show was saved from possible cancellation by letters from loyal fans, Scott Wolf is challenged in a test what he remembers about Bailey. As Jennifer and Scott remember working together before coming to PARTY OF FIVE, the cast looks back to the failed wedding between Charlie and Kirsten. And after reviewing their surprising success at the Golden Globe Awards, Matthew Fox's knowledge of Charlie's past is tested, too. With the addition of cast members Jeremy London and Jennifer Aspen, new characters meant new challenges for the Salinger family. And just before Lacey Chabert takes her own trivia challenge, they all look back at the intervention that lead to Bailey's giving up drinking before moving on to the struggle with Charlie's cancer. Finally, as the cast reminisces about Claudia's growing up on the show, the PARTY OF FIVE family extends their warmest thanks to the many fans who have kept them on the air.

  • As Bailey gets help moving the last of Owen's things into his loft, he and the rest of the family prepare to celebrate Claudia's sixteenth birthday. However, as everyone hurries to get to a party at Bailey's on time, a power failure strikes the entire city. In the ensuing blackout, a traffic jam leaves Charlie with a crying baby while Julia and Griffin find themselves stuck inside the elevator that was taking them up to the party. And as Claudia and Sarah anxiously make the final preparations by candlelight, Bailey is left to deal with his exacting new restaurant manager, Lauren. The arrival of some older boys at her party has Claudia worried, so Sarah does her best to boost her confidence. And as Julia thanks Griffin for his concern about how Ned treated her, a blackout forces Charlie to seek refuge at a nearby hospital where he runs into Kirsten's ex-husband, Paul. Meanwhile, as Sarah tries to help Claudia deal with her fears, Lauren balks at Bailey's methods and quits. But after leaving Bailey to deal with the restaurant on his own, Lauren returns to apologize for being too controlling and asks for her job back. While doing their best to find a way to work together, Bailey resists letting things become romantic and Lauren reluctantly backs off. And after Griffin has to be persuaded to give in to Julia's sexual overtures, the lights come back on, breaking the romance of the dark and sending everything back to normal. Finally, after Paul admits that Charlie and Kirsten belong together, the birthday party gets underway as Claudia wishes for her family and friends to reunite.

  • The fight between Charlie and Bailey for the custody of Owen continues. They go to a judge. After leaving him, Ned starts to haunt Julia around. The whole family goes to court so the fight would finally be over.

  • As Bailey seeks legal advice on how to gain custody of Owen, Claudia tells Griffin that his suspicions about Ned's abuse were right all along. And though Griffin is reluctant to get involved, Claudia enlists him and Maggie in a plan to talk some sense into Julia. As Griffin's efforts to speak with Julia are set back when their car runs out of gas, Ned turns to Maggie for answers. And while Maggie adamantly refuses to tell him anything, Julia stands fast in ignoring Griffin's warnings. While Claudia does her best to keep from taking sides, Bailey asks Kirsten to read the psychologist's reports as Charlie is called to school because of Owen's fighting. Following Bailey's visit, Kirsten turns to Charlie, who tries making things right by buying Owen a new bike. Meanwhile, leaving Griffin to deal with the car, Julia calls Ned to come and get her. However, when Ned offers to do whatever it takes to have Griffin arrested, Julia begins to question their relationship. With Charlie distracted by Diana, Owen breaks his arm in a bike accident. As Bailey steps up his efforts to gain custody, Kirsten chooses to side with Charlie. Finally, as Bailey decides to take his fight to court, Julia balks at Ned's efforts to control her and leaves to stay with Maggie.

  • With Charlie in Los Angeles, Owen's teacher calls Bailey about his problems at school. And when Ms. Lo suggests Owen needs extra help to overcome a learning disability, Bailey offers to be a classroom volunteer without consulting Charlie first. While Ned suggests breaking up, Julia persuades him to join her in counseling to address his physically abusive behavior. But, as Julia refuses to join a battered woman's group, Dr. Kessel's pointed questions begin to strike a raw nerve with Ned. Meanwhile, as Claudia questions Griffin's accusations about Ned, Daphne tells Charlie that she'll be joining him for the trip home. With Daphne about to return, Kirsten decides to go back to Chicago to stay with her parents. However, when Daphne backs out at the last minute, Charlie returns home with Diana, unaware of Kirsten's decision or of what's going on with Owen. Meanwhile, Ned asks Julia to move into a small apartment together where they can isolate themselves from any outside influence. As they settle into their own place, Ned insists that Julia cut off all communication with her family and friends, and especially Dr. Kessel. After Ms. Lo calls from school, Charlie discovers how little he's been told of what Bailey is doing for Owen. And when pressed, Bailey admits that he wants to be their younger brother's guardian from now on. Finally, much to Claudia's dismay, Charlie insists that Griffin move out.

  • Griffin realizes that something bad happened between Julia and Ned. He tries to help, but it leads to nowhere. Charlie becomes a woman-magnet now that he is a single-father and doesn't know about it. Claudia tries to put the member of the band back together, so she tries to become friends with Cody. Kirsten feels that she's ready to adopt a baby, but Paul is reckless. Sarah tries to become friends with Albert, the guy that mugged her.

  • After nearly walking away from Diana in the park, Daphne seriously questions her abilities as a mom and quietly begins making preparations to leave. As Daphne's unexplained absence forces Bailey to fill in, he offers to take Owen camping like Charlie promised. Meanwhile, as Paul sets Kirsten up to care for sick children at the hospital, Julia is unable to keep Ned from learning about Maggie's new boyfriend. And though Ned insists he isn't jealous, he pressures Julia to move in with him just the same. After getting a call from the bank about a savings bond Daphne bought for Diana, Charlie senses that something is up. Although Daphne insists that she's simply planning for their baby's future, a stockpile of supplies leads Charlie to realize that she's preparing to leave him and Diana on their own. Meanwhile, Bailey and Owen are able to avert a total disaster with the aid of their fellow campers, Teresa MacDowell and her daughter, Karen. When Kirsten's success with a difficult patient proves that she's truly cut out to be a mom, Paul offers to adopt. And after learning that Maggie has persuaded her to stay in the dorm, Ned explodes and hits Julia. As Julia struggles in the wake of the assault, Charlie confronts Daphne and learns that she really is planning to go. Meanwhile, Bailey is barely able to keep Sarah from learning the details about his trip with Owen. And as Julia returns to the dorm to live with Maggie, Daphne finally leaves Charlie with Diana as she strikes on her own.

  • As her mom arrives unannounced for Christmas at the Salingers, Daphne heeds Charlie's advice and makes an effort to reconnect. However, Doreen makes it clear she and her boyfriend Les are going to take advantage of the stay for a vacation of their own. Meanwhile, the threat of Ned's being on academic probation if he doesn't get an "A" on a paper persuades Julia to stay and help before heading home for Christmas. And after Charlie takes Griffin to task for bringing Claudia home from school, Bailey and Sarah are stunned when Owen destroys all the Christmas presents they've made. As Griffin decides to move on and find a place of his own, Doreen suspects Kristin is up to no good with Charlie. When challenged by Daphne, Doreen makes it clear that she's looking out for her by keeping Kirsten away. Because the dorm room is too cold, Julia insists on taking Ned to a motel to work on his paper. But while she wants to finish up and make it home for dinner, Ned has other things on his mind. Meanwhile, when a prop from the church Christmas pageant turns up missing, Bailey is reluctant to confront his little brother. But, after finding it at home, he must accept the fact that Owen is the thief. As they frantically search for someplace that's still open to print his paper, Julia discovers that Ned lied about his deadline in order to keep her around. As a last ditch effort to get them to stay only shows how much she and her mom are alike, Daphne takes Doreen and Les to the bus station, leaving Claudia furious at having all her hard work on dinner go down the drain. As a Christmas gift from Griffin inspires Charlie to apologize, Julia arrives home to find the dinner plans in shambles and hurries back to the dorm to be with Ned. Finally, after dropping Doreen and Les at the bus depot, Daphne considers leaving herself. But upon returning to the Salinger's, she watches from outside as Charlie, Griffin and Claudia attempts to salvage their

  • Highlights of past episodes_4-18; behind-the-scenes footage; interviews with producers.

  • When Sarah goes home to see her parents, she overhears a phone message that seems to suggest that her mom is having an affair. And as Charlie seeks an attorney's help to gain custody of the child Daphne is having, he's told he'll have to get a job to bolster his case. Meanwhile, after taking a part time job at the school cafeteria with Josh, Julia suddenly quits after Bailey gives her money. And once her new classmates at Hanover learn that she's smart, Claudia worries that it will keep her from making new friends. As Daphne misses a doctor's appointment where Charlie is waiting to intercept her, Sarah learns that her mom and dad have been separated for months. And after Josh accuses her of manipulating his feeling, Julia tries getting out of the jam by claiming that her roommate Maggie's boyfriend Ned is really hers. But her problems are only compounded once Josh spots Ned and Maggie kissing. Meanwhile, Charlie must consider using Daphne's questionable past as evidence that she would be an unfit mother. While blaming herself for her parents breakup, Sarah soon learns they are far better off living apart. And when Josh confronts Ned and Maggie, a fight breaks out that forces Julia to begin telling Ned the truth about her marriage to Griffin. Meanwhile, after finding a way to display her knowledge in the classroom without alienating her classmates, Claudia is accepted for who she is. Finally, after he is unsuccessful with tracking her down, Charlie returns home to find Daphne waiting for him.

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