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  • TV-MA
  • 2022
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.0  (5,800)

Shining Vale is a horror-comedy series that premiered on STARZ in 2022. The show follows the story of Patricia "Pat" Phelps (Courteney Cox), a troubled author of a memoir about her addiction to sex and drugs. Pat moves with her family to a small town called Shining Vale to start afresh after her husband, Terry (Greg Kinnear), cheated on her.

However, their new home is a haunted house with a dark and twisted past. Pat quickly starts experiencing supernatural occurrences in the house, and she begins to believe that her hallucinations are more than just her imagination playing tricks on her. Her teenage daughter, Liv (Gus Birney), also begins to witness the strange happenings in the house. However, her son, Dylan (Jackson White), seems oblivious to everything happening around him.

As the story unfolds, Pat struggles to keep her sanity intact while dealing with the ghosts of the past that continue to torment her. She seeks the help of a therapist, Dr. Alma Huddle (Mira Sorvino), to deal with her addiction and the trauma of her past. However, Dr. Huddle has a few secrets of her own and may not be entirely helpful.

Throughout the season, Shining Vale explores different themes, such as mental illness, addiction, and family dynamics. The show creates a perfect balance between horror and humor, which makes it distinct from other horror series. It offers plenty of jump scares and suspenseful moments, but it also has a lot of witty dialogue and comedic elements that will make viewers laugh out loud.

The cast of Shining Vale is perfect for their respective roles. Courteney Cox delivers an outstanding performance as Pat Phelps. She shows her versatility as an actress, easily transitioning from drama to comedy. Greg Kinnear is also impressive as Terry Phelps. He plays the role of a man trying to make amends for his past actions while still struggling to regain his wife's trust.

Gus Birney is equally impressive as Liv Phelps. She portrays a teenager who is struggling to fit in while dealing with the challenges of adolescence. Her character also has a close bond with her mother, which adds depth to their relationship. Mira Sorvino is a welcome addition to the cast, and her portrayal of Dr. Alma Huddle is both mysterious and intriguing.

The show's visual effects are also noteworthy. The creepy atmosphere and eerie music add to the show's overall spooky tone. The cinematography is excellent, and the use of lighting and shadows create suspenseful moments that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Overall, Shining Vale is a must-watch series for fans of horror and comedy genres. It expertly balances humor and scares, making it an entertaining and enjoyable watch. With a stellar cast, intriguing storyline, and impressive visual effects, Shining Vale is a top-notch series that will have viewers hooked from the first episode.

Shining Vale is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on March 6, 2022.

Shining Vale
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Chapter 16: Redemption
8. Chapter 16: Redemption
December 1, 2023
Pat struggles to find someone she can trust. Terry's mayoral ambitions seem to have overwhelmed his loyalty to her. Gaynor recognizes her fate may be awfully similar to Pat's. Jake gets a second chance to decide if he'll play it safe or defend his family.
Chapter 15: Covens
7. Chapter 15: Covens
November 24, 2023
Pat discovers new fears about her book. Terry has found renewed purpose in a major life change. Gaynor is ghosted by her boyfriend and Jake breaks out of his hideaway.
Chapter 14: What's the Matter with Sandy?
6. Chapter 14: What's the Matter with Sandy?
November 17, 2023
Pat becomes concerned about the readers of her new novel. Meanwhile, Terry's addiction to testosterone has him striving to make his mark on the town.
Chapter 13: The Miracle
5. Chapter 13: The Miracle
November 10, 2023
The fractured family is brought back together by unexpected news while Terry embarks on a healthier lifestyle. Jake struggles to reconnect with an old friend in the house and Gaynor meets a sexy new friend.
Chapter 12: Smile
4. Chapter 12: Smile
November 3, 2023
In the midst of having scary new dreams about the house, Pat finally comes clean to Terry, and has to deal with the consequences.
Chapter 11: The Goat
3. Chapter 11: The Goat
October 27, 2023
Terry struggles to process the knowledge that Pat hit him with an axe and he may have cheated on her with his colleague Kathryn. Meanwhile, Gaynor gets some potentially good news, and Jake has a run-in with the scary goat.
Chapter 10: She's Real
2. Chapter 10: She's Real
October 20, 2023
As the family struggles to reconnect, Pat's peculiar new neighbor brings a logical explanation for her psychotic break.
Chapter 9: Homecoming
1. Chapter 9: Homecoming
October 13, 2023
Pat returns home and tries to put back together the family she broke. Terry meets his family for the first time after suffering a traumatic brain injury that wiped out his memory. Gaynor battles with Pat over the role as head of household.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 6, 2022
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (5,800)