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"The Time Has Come."

Once Upon A Time In Mexico is wonderful action movie that goes very deep into a very serious issue. The film stars Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, and Johnny Depp. The movie begins with Antonio having to be hired to kill the head of a group who was originally hired to kill the President of Mexico. The film has Antonio play the character of El Mariachi who is the one that is hired to kill the bad company. Once Upon A Time In Mexico is a very good film that goes very in-depth on trying to kill an assassin who is trying to kill the President with the story being brought to so many different places. Antonio Banderas' character goes through a lot in the film, especially since he finds a few love encounters and even tries to succeed with his partner in the film. He develops his knowledge tremendously and he works extremely hard to try and kill those bad assassins. In the film, Eva Mendez makes a great guest appearance in the movie. Her role in the film helps El a whole lot, so she is one of the people in the movie that helps out a lot. The group of assassins is quite creepy and they all play their roles well. Based on reviewers and current accusations, this film is aimed and targeted toward the older crowd and those who are much older than normal. If a child watches this movie, they will be opened up to violence. The movie teaches a whole lot about perseverance and how to finally continue on with their lives. The film critics have successfully played their parts by leaving exactly 68% on the rating of the movie. This alone proves that the story is very good and quite interesting compared to other forms of movies available on the net. If you want to find yourself enjoying yourself very much, then you need to consider the above reviewer. Once Upon A Time In Mexico is a movie that is best to enjoy if you really want to enjoy something fun and interesting. The movie is very interesting and definitely has a well thought out plot which helps make the movie believable and realistic. Antonio is an actor who portrays his story in the film very well, so he knows what he is doing. He definitely brings the cast together in a more natural and beautiful way than ever before.

| | 1 hr 37 min | 6.4/10
Robert Rodriguez
Once Upon a Time in Mexico

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