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"Not So TALL Tales From The Director Of 'Spy Kids'"

The film entitled Shorts is about the life and adventures of a set of twins known as Cambell and Zoe. The film begins when Zoe and Cambell decide to have a staring competition. Unfortunately for them they both lost the competition because their mother comes and disrupts everything. The film continues when Toby comes in and starts narrating the story and mysteries about the famous company known as the Black Box. The company is well known for the manufacture of its main product, the Black Box which is a great technological innovation. When Toby goes to school the next day he meets his rival Helvetica and Colbert who beat him up. Toby however tells everybody that Helvetica likes him very much and that’s why he bullies him. Helvetica gets angry and puts Toby’s head in the bin. Toby then leaves school in anguish and decides to return home. Colbert and his friends go after Toby and still beat him up in a dilapidated building.

Toby then uses the mysterious powers in a magic rock to summon his friends who come and help him confront Colbert and his gang. After the fight the Rock disappears but later drops from the skies on the garden of the Shorts residence. Loogie, Laser and Lug rush out of the house in fear towards the garden and find the Rock. Loogie picks up the rock and asks the Rock to give him chocolates. Immediately after, chocolate bars appear in his pockets. Laser and Lug become afraid of the Rock and start wondering what to do with it. Loogie asks the Rock for an idea of what they should do with it and it provides them with a cookie as well as snakes and crocodiles to protect the rock from thieves. After a series of arguments the boys find themselves in the Rock and the crocodiles chase them out.

They become scared and decide to take the Rock to their house and figure out what to with it. Toby’s older sister Stacey goes to the Shorts home to teach their kid sister Nose while Mrs Thompson steals the Rock from the Shorts home. At the end Toby and Helvetica get married.

The film was written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It was produced by the joint collaboration of Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellan.

| 2009 | | 4.7/10 | 53/100
Jimmy Bennett, Jake Short, Kat Dennings, Trevor Gagnon
Media Rights Capital Troublemaker Studios
Robert Rodriguez
Produced By
Robert Rodriguez

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