One Last Chance

"A group of slackers think they have found gold in the Highlands."
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Focusing on three former dance performers, One Last Dance, brings together former dance performers once again, in the shadow of the death of a choreographer colleague they once performed for. Reunited, the three friends contemplate and agree to perform together to resurrect the choreographer's failing dance company. Though with good intentions, the three, Travis (Patrick Swayze), Chrissa (Lisa Niemi), and Max (George De La Pena), come together to dance the unfinished, extremely difficult, choreographed dance performance from years ago, a performance which had fractured their relationship. They come together now but struggle with unresolved personal conflict, emotional consternation and anxiety.

2003 | 1 hr 36 min | 5.8/10
Bill Armour, Bill Barclay, Jim Byars, Drew Cain
Stewart Svaasand
One Last Chance
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