One Touch of Venus

"The Gal Who Invented Love!"

One Touch of Venus is a romantic musical. It outlines the story of Eddie Hatch, a bored window dresser, who looks at one of his mannequins and imagines a girl like her in real life. One night he gleefully kisses the mannequin and she suddenly comes to life, kissing him back. Much to his surprise the love goddess Venus has inhabited the mannequin. After this, Eddie's fellow workers in the store seem to be enchanted and infatuated, with nothing but love on their minds. They begin comically and sporadically expressing their love for fellow co-workers. Eddie, on the other hand, is too shy and intimidated to express his love for Venus.

| 1948 | 1 hr 22 min | 6.8/10
William A. Seiter
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One Touch of Venus