The Angel Wore Red

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"Man of Faith-And a Faithless Woman!"
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  • 1960
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The Angel Wore Red is a dramatic and romantic film set in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. The movie, which premiered in 1960, follows the story of a priest named Father Arturo Carrera, played by Dirk Bogarde, who becomes involved with socialists fighting against the fascist government, led by Generalissimo Francisco Franco. When the movie begins, Father Carrera is living a peaceful life as a priest in a small village in Spain. However, he soon becomes embroiled in the conflict when he encounters a beautiful cabaret singer named Soledad, played by Ava Gardner, who is also fighting against the government. Father Carrera is immediately taken with Soledad, and begins to help her and other fighters as they attempt to smuggle weapons across the border into France.

The movie deftly weaves in themes of politics, love, sacrifice, and redemption, making it a powerful and moving piece of cinema. Throughout the film, we follow Father Carrera as he grapples with his faith and his growing feelings for Soledad, as well as his dedication to the fight against Franco's regime.

One of the standout performances in the movie is Ava Gardner as the beautiful and complex Soledad. Gardner brings both heart and strength to her character, making her a dynamic and inspiring figure in the midst of the chaos of war. Dirk Bogarde also delivers a strong performance as Father Carrera, bringing a sense of struggle and introspection to his role as a priest who is drawn into the conflict.

Joseph Cotten also appears in the movie as a British journalist named Russell, who becomes enamored with Soledad and joins the fight against Franco. Despite his relatively small role, Cotten brings gravitas to the film, adding another layer of drama and tension to the story.

The Angel Wore Red is not just a love story, but a commentary on the effects of war and the power of faith in moments of crisis. The movie conveys the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and the sacrifices that many made in order to stand up against Franco's regime.

The film's stunning location and cinematography add to its poignant and gripping atmosphere. Shot on location in Spain, the movie features breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys, making it an immersive and transportive experience for viewers.

The Angel Wore Red is a thought-provoking and emotional film that will leave viewers captivated and touched by its powerful themes and moving performances. It is a must-see for fans of classic cinema and those interested in exploring the human experience in times of conflict.

The Angel Wore Red
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