"The story of a love triangle... and the four people trapped in it!"

Accident is a 1967 drama. It is the second collaboration between Harold Pinter and Joseph Losey. Dirk Bogarde stars as a Oxford professor named Stephen going through a mid-life crisis. He feels trapped in a unsatisfying marriage and a stifled academic career. He becomes infatuated with a young, beautiful girl named Anna. She is engaged to one of his students named William. William is killed in an automobile accident, and Anna stays with Stephen as she copes with her loss. Stephen’s wife happens to be away. The movie takes place in a series of flashbacks involving Stephen, Stephen’s wife, Anna and William.

Not Rated
| 1967 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.9/10
Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker, Jacqueline Sassard, Michael York
Joseph Losey
Produced By
Joseph Losey, Norman Priggen
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