Only You

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Only You is a romantic comedy that was written by Wayne Allan Rice. Directed by Betty Thomas, the film was produced by Morrie Eisenman and featured Andrew McCarthy, Helen Hunt and Kelly Preston. The story follows Cliff Godfrey (played by Andrew McCarthy) who is a successful dollhouse designer. While taking some time off from the major toy company he works at, he is planning to take his fiancee to a gorgeous tropical island over Christmas. However, when he calls to arrange when to pick her up, her friends give him a message that she will not be going because she is dumping him.

Cliff is devastated. His friend Marty (played by Daniel Roebuck) discusses the situation with Cliff, letting him know that the problem is that he continues to go for flashy, shallow women. Marty maintains that as long as he does this, he can never win.

Cliff wants to have a solid emotional involvement, but is having a hard time getting over his habit of choosing models and similar types of women, rather than searching for women who are actually compatible with his personality and has the same interests.

Since his tickets are non-refundable, he decides to go away for the holidays as planned. He winds up at a bar in the airport and meets Amanda (played by Kelly Preston). She is a beautiful blond who was also just dumped by her husband after 11 years.

Cliff falls for Amanda very quickly, convincing her to go along on his trip. Once they arrive, she begins to neglect him. As a result, he finds himself with a rather average, but very nice travel agency photographer called Claire (played by Helen Hunt). She asks him to help her make a brochure. During that week, he is spending more time with Claire since Amanda keeps going off with other men. He gets to know Claire well and the two start a romance.

| 1992 | 1 hr 25 min | 5.3/10
Tom McFadden, Andrew McCarthy, Joel Murray, Daniel Roebuck
Betty Thomas
Produced By
Morrie Eisenman, Wayne Allan Rice
Only You
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