Open House

"Now it's open season for murder."
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Chuck is determined to sell a house that is overpriced. He only has one person interested in the home. Her name is Martha and she is quiet but seductive. Chuck sees her as an individual who will try to make him drop the price down a lot. As Chuck decides to sell Martha the home, she begins having doubts. This leads to Chuck and Martha into a relationship beyond their control. They end up becoming intimate, and they begin to fall in love. Both of them, however, are still unsure of how much they truly love each other. The events that follow do not make the situation any better.

2004 | | 6.0/10
Hedy Burress, James Duval, Jerry Doyle, Jenna Leigh Green
Open House is a 2004 real estate musical film starring Ann Magnuson, Anthony Rapp, Sally Kellerman, Jenna Leigh Green and Kellie Martin, and directed by Dan Mirvish, a co-founder of the Slamdance Film Festival. It played on the film festival circuit in 2
Open House
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Also starring Hedy Burress