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  • 2017
  • 1 hr 43 min
  • 6.7  (771)

Our Shining Days is a 2017 Chinese coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Wang Ran, starring Lulu Xu, Yuchang Peng, and Mingjie Luo. The film tells the story of a group of young musicians who strive to protect their school's music club from shut down and to shine in a national music competition. The film begins with a group of high school students who gather in their school's music club to play an impromptu piece of music with traditional Chinese instruments. The music club, however, is facing closure due to budget cuts. The students are devastated as they love the club and the music they make.

As the club's members struggle to keep the club alive, a new student, Chen Jing, joins the school. Chen is an accomplished musician who plays the erhu, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. She impresses the club's members with her skills, and soon they ask her to join the club.

Chen initially declines, stating that the club's current repertoire is too simple for her to play, but eventually agrees to join. She helps the club improve its music, but her strict approach to practicing and her personality clash with the other members of the club.

Meanwhile, the school's principal announces that the music club will be shut down due to a lack of funding. The club's members are devastated and decide to compete in a national music competition in hopes of saving the club. The competition, however, has strict rules, and the club's members have to adapt their playing style to fit in.

As the club prepares for the competition, they face challenges and disagreements among themselves. However, they eventually come together and create a beautiful piece of music that showcases their passion and dedication to music.

Our Shining Days is a heartwarming movie that celebrates the power of music and its ability to bring people together. The film also explores the struggles and challenges faced by young people as they try to navigate their way through school and life.

The movie's standout performances include Lulu Xu as Chen Jing, the talented musician who joins the school and the club, and Yuchang Peng as Li, the club's leader who becomes Chen's friend and music partner. Mingjie Luo also shines as Wu, a member of the club who struggles with the pressure of the competition and the belief in his own abilities.

The film's music is another highlight, with traditional Chinese instruments such as erhu, guzheng, and pipa featuring prominently in the soundtrack. The music captures the essence of Chinese culture and adds to the film's emotional impact.

Overall, Our Shining Days is a must-watch for anyone who loves music, coming-of-age stories, and films that celebrate the power of friendship and determination. The film is a beautiful tribute to the importance of music in our lives and its ability to inspire and uplift us.

Our Shining Days
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    1 hr 43 min
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    6.7  (771)