"You can't kill what's already dead!"

The storyline starts in a run-down village that is ravaged by turmoil. A scientist and entrepreneur named Hunt, who is played by Julian Wadham, recruits a mercenary and ex-marine named DC, who is played by Ray Stevenson. Hunt instructs DC to form a group of ex-military specialists including Prior, Jordan, Cotter, Voytech, McKay, and Taktarov in a mission to protect Hunt as he embarks on a life threatening adventure to check out an old military base in Eastern Europe. Hunt tells DC that the mission should be easy and comes with a great pay, which effortlessly gets the approval of DC. After arriving at the outpost, Hunt, DC, and their assembled group make a disturbing discovery that puts their journey on its tip. A site of bloody and horrific series of studies and experiments that were performed by the SS related to reality shifting and reanimation set in WWII with the hopes of generating the perfect soldiers. Across the plain of gore and dead bodies, they stumble upon a survivor, played by Johnny Meres. During the night, the clearing surrounding the military base suddenly lit up and shadows of people are seen against the lighting. After the appearance of these outlines, one of their team members, Taktarov, are gone. Later, they find the body, which was brutally murdered by an invisible enemy. Soon after, Voytech is murdered by 2 Nazis. The very next morning, the team discovers their 2 fallen comrade's bodies connected together through the head. DC obtains answers about the mission from Hunt that was an unnamed organization that wanted the scientist/entrepreneur to retrieve a massive generator-like device that was liable for the SS' reality shifting tests. DC commands Cotter to fetch Hunt from the generator room, yet before Cotter can leave, an SS military personnel holding a pickax appears and kills him. The movie then unravels that the survivor who the group retrieved was actually a surviving SS commander. Prior attempts to kill the surviving SS commander, only to find out that he is capable of resurrecting. The surviving mercenaries along with Hunt try to evacuate from the area, yet are all killed by the undying SS army.

| 2008 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.9/10
Steve Barker, Steve Baker

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