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  • 1985
  • 2 hr 28 min
  • 5.7  (91)

Patal Bhairavi is a 1985 Bollywood film that fits into the fantasy genre, with elements of romance, action, and adventure. The movie is an adaptation of a section from the Telugu film of the same name, which in turn takes its inspiration from folklore and mythological stories that have been part of Indian culture for centuries. Directed by K. Bapaiah, the film showcases a fantastical world where love, magic, and bravery collide.

The story unfolds in a mythical kingdom where the young and handsome protagonist, portrayed by Jeetendra, lives. He is of humble origins but possesses a heart of gold, as well as bravery and determination. The leading actress, Jaya Prada, plays the role of the beautiful princess who is the apple of everyone's eye in the kingdom. Pran Sikand brings to life the character of an evil sorcerer, whose villainous arc is central to the plot. His role is pivotal as he seeks mystical power and aims to manipulate it to serve his own dark designs.

The plot of Patal Bhairavi revolves around the tradition of the classic hero's journey. Jeetendra’s character is introduced as a young man of lower social standing, yet he holds dreams that transcend the boundaries of his reality. He is deeply in love with the princess, played by Jaya Prada. However, in a society divided by class, this love seems distant, if not impossible. Their love story is marred by challenges and objections, particularly because of the chasm created by their differing social statuses.

The vile sorcerer, played by Pran, seeks a rare gem that is said to bestow immense power upon its possessor. This gem, however, is guarded by the goddess Patal Bhairavi and is not easily attained. To get his hands on this gem, the sorcerer devises a cunning plan that involves both the innocent protagonist and the princess. His scheme requires an act of bravery and purity of heart, qualities that the protagonist possesses in abundance.

The protagonist is faced with a series of adventures and challenges, each more perilous than the last. These trials not only serve to entertain the audience with their thrilling sequences but are also designed by the plot to display the young man's sincerity and courage. Along his journey, he encounters bizarre creatures, traps, and enchantments, pushing the film into the realms of a fantasy spectacle, rich with special effects that were quite ambitious for the time.

Moreover, the film garners a supernatural hue, spiced with the elements of magic and sorcery. The sorcerer's character adds the required dark tone, setting the stakes high for the hero, who must save his love and the kingdom from the looming threat of the sorcerer's malignant desires.

As a piece of Indian cinema from the 1980s, Patal Bhairavi indulges in grand sets, colorful costumes, and melodious tunes that are characteristic of the era. The musical aspect of the film is not to be overlooked, as it features songs composed by the renowned Bappi Lahiri. His trademark fusion of classical Indian music with then-contemporary beats contributed to the film's appeal and played a significant role in driving the narrative forward.

One of the film's highlights is its dance sequences. These are meticulously choreographed and represent a cultural tableau, portraying the richness of Indian dance and tradition. Jaya Prada, well-known for her dance skills, has significant moments where her performance enlivens the screen.

In keeping with the sensibilities of the time, Patal Bhairavi does not shy away from blending melodrama with its storytelling. It appeals to a wide range of emotions, from love to hate, fear to courage, and despair to hope. The characters' arcs showcase a classic good versus evil, providing audiences with clear heroes to root for and villains to despise.

The narrative is built on a foundation of mythological and folklore themes, with the filmmakers embedding lessons on virtues and morality into the story. There is an underlying message that love and bravery can triumph over malice and treachery.

The performances by each actor are tailored to cater to the commercial audience, with Jeetendra’s energetic acts, Jaya Prada’s grace and emotive prowess, and Pran’s formidable presence, making the film an engaging watch. The chemistry between the lead pair is palpable and adds an emotional depth to the story, ensuring that the audience is invested in their fate.

Patal Bhairavi represents a type of cinema that took audiences on an escape from reality and continues to serve as a nostalgic piece for fans of classic Indian films. Holding a charm that harks back to a bygone era of storytelling and entertainment, the movie is celebrated as a concoction of mythology, romance, and adventure that echoes through Indian cinemas to this day.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 28 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (91)