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"When the invader comes...the hardest path to find is survival."
  • 1987
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 7.2  (5,503)

Pathfinder is a 1987 Norwegian film directed by Nils Gaup. The film is set in the 11th century and tells the story of a young Sami boy who finds himself caught between two cultures and embroiled in a battle for survival against an invading army. The film opens with a group of Sami people gathering to celebrate the summer solstice. Among them is a young boy named Aigin (Mikkel Gaup), who is on the verge of becoming a man. Aigin is the son of a Sami mother and a Viking father, and he struggles to reconcile his loyalty to his own people with his desire to be accepted by the Vikings.

Aigin's life is thrown into chaos when a group of Vikings, led by a ruthless warrior named Gunnar (Ingvald Guttorm), invade his village. The Vikings are looking for a new home, having exhausted their own resources. They come across the Sami village by chance and see it as an opportunity to seize the land and resources they need to survive.

Aigin manages to escape the slaughter of his people, but his mother and most of his tribe are killed. He wanders alone in the wilderness until he is found by some of his father's Viking comrades who are searching for him. They take him in, but he is regarded as an outsider and an embarrassment by the other Vikings.

Aigin knows that the Vikings will eventually discover the location of his people's hidden winter camp and attack them again. He decides to try to warn his tribe and prevent another massacre. Accompanied by a wise old man, known as the Pathfinder (Nils Utsi), who was once a friend of his mother's, Aigin sets out on a perilous journey through the snowy wilderness to find his people's camp.

The rest of the film follows Aigin's journey, as he and the Pathfinder brave treacherous terrain and hostile encounters with both nature and the Vikings in order to reach the Sami camp. Along the way, they encounter a group of renegade Vikings, led by a man named KÃ¥re (Svein Scharffenberg), who is sympathetic to Aigin's plight and agrees to help him.

Pathfinder is a visually stunning film, with breathtaking scenery and impressive action sequences. The film has a hauntingly beautiful score, composed by the acclaimed musician Mari Boine. The film is also notable for its use of the Sami language, a fact that adds to the authenticity and richness of the film as a whole.

The performances in the film are strong, particularly those of Mikkel Gaup and Nils Utsi, who bring a sense of depth and nuance to their respective roles. Gaup is particularly impressive, conveying Aigin's struggle with great emotional intensity and subtlety.

While the film is a work of fiction, it is based on actual historical events. The Sami were an indigenous people who lived in what is now Norway, Sweden, and Finland. They were traditionally nomadic hunters and fishermen, and their culture was based on a deep reverence for nature and the elements. The Sami were frequently at odds with the Vikings, who saw them as primitive and uncivilized.

Overall, Pathfinder is a thought-provoking and compelling film that explores themes of identity, loyalty, and survival. It is a film that will appeal to fans of historical dramas, as well as those who appreciate beautiful cinematography and powerful storytelling.

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    1 hr 26 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (5,503)