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  • NR
  • 1967
  • 2 hr 15 min
  • 6.6  (169)

Patthar Ke Sanam is a Hindi romantic movie from 1967 directed by Raja Nawathe. The film stars Waheeda Rehman, Manoj Kumar, and Mumtaz Askari in lead roles. The movie begins with a group of friends, Rajesh (Manoj Kumar), Sita (Waheeda Rehman), and Vijay (Mumtaz Askari) who are inseparable. Rajesh and Sita have been best friends since childhood and hold romantic feelings for each other secretly. Vijay is in love with Sita, but she always treats him as a friend only. The three spend their days in joviality, with Sita performing dance numbers, and Rajesh writing and singing songs about his love for Sita.

Things start to take a dramatic turn when Sita's father discovers that she has a sweetheart. He is a strict traditionalist who is opposed to Sita's romantic relationship with Rajesh, as he considers them from different religions. He immediately arranges for her marriage with a wealthy businessman, Ramnath (Pran), who is on the lookout to marry a beautiful woman. Sita is shattered, but she complies with her father's wishes, as she places her father's well-being ahead of hers.

Rajesh is devastated when he learns about Sita's engagement, but he chooses to stay silent, as Sita's father has threatened to kill him. However, Vijay, who has genuine feelings for Sita, decides to help Rajesh. He devises a plan to thwart Sita's marriage with Ramnath, and the three friends embark on an adventure full of mischiefs, misunderstandings, and deceit.

The film portrays the story of a love triangle with all the elements of drama, romance, and comedy. Waheeda Rehman delivers an outstanding performance as Sita, portraying a girl in love, but who is helpless against societal constraints. Manoj Kumar shines as Rajesh; his dialogue delivery and songs are soothing and memorable. Mumtaz Askari adds the required spice to the film with her acting prowess.

The film's music is a treat to the ears, with memorable songs such as "Deewana Mujhsa Nahin," "Koi Nazrana Lekar Aaya," "Tauba Ye Matwali Chaal," and "Sona Lai Ja Re."

The movie's cinematography is excellent, capturing the scenic beauty of Rajasthan while maintaining the film's emotional atmosphere. The sets and costumes are aesthetically pleasing, adding a regal touch to the film.

Overall, Patthar Ke Sanam is a classic Bollywood romance drama with an unconventional plot that keeps viewers engaged until the end. The film is an excellent example of how love triumphs over societal norms and prejudices. The chemistry between the lead actors is brilliant, making it a must-watch for all Hindi movie lovers.

Patthar Ke Sanam
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    2 hr 15 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (169)