Personal Affair

"It was too late to run!"
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This is a dramatic thriller movie about a teacher who is the obsession of one of his students. Stephen Barlow is a happily married teacher. One of his students, Barbara Vining, falls in love with him. He tells her he is not interested, and his wife explains the same thing to her. When she runs away, and disappears, the rumors begin.

While he has not done anything wrong, Barlow is the subject of the rumors. He never touched the girl, never made any suggestion he was interested, but still, the rumors persist. The town has collectively accused him of doing something horrible to this poor, innocent girl.

| 1953 | 1 hr 22 min | 6.6/10
Gene Tierney, Leo Genn, Glynis Johns, Walter Fitzgerald
Anthony Pelissier
Produced By
Anthony Darnsborough
Personal Affair
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Also directed by Anthony Pelissier