Thunder Birds

"For two pilots, one woman became a conflict of interest."
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Thunder Birds is a 1942 war movie directed by William A. Wellman. Gene Tierney, Preston Foster and John Sutton star in the movie. Like other movies made during World War II, Thunder Birds is a propaganda movie intended to support the war effort. Foster plays Steve Britt. Britt flew in World War I and offers his services as a flight instructor at Thunderbird Field. The commander of the base is an old friend, Lt Col, MacDonald. He encounters an old girlfriend named Kay Saunders (Tierney) who lives near the base. The movie is full of exciting airplane stunts and action.

| 1942 | 1 hr 18 min | 6.3/10
Gene Tierney, Preston Foster, John Sutton, Jack Holt
William A. Wellman
Produced By
Lamar Trotti
Thunder Birds
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