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Spymate is an 2003 action/thriller Canadian film starring Chris Potter. The movie begins with Chris Potter (Mike) and his primate sidekick defeating an evil Mid-eastern regime. When they return home they are rewarded as heroes and named the best spies that the United States has to offer. The movie then goes ten years in the future and Mike's wife has died and his daughter has become a widely recognized and celebrated scientist. His daughter (Amelia)created a very powerful drill that has earned her the National Scientific Achievement Award. Mike is extremely proud of his daughter's accomplishment and tells her that his ex-primate partner (Minney) is in town. Minney is now a famous circus monkey that has gained mass appeal and popularity through out the country.

As Amelia is heading to class, she is kidnapped by an evil henchman Hugo. Hugo works for an evil genius named Dr. Farley who has recreated an similar drill to Amelia's. The problem is that he can not seem to get it to work and requires Amelia's assistance. When Mike finds out that his daughter has been kidnapped he comes out of retirement and begins searching for her. Mike and Minney enlist the help of the circus folk for the mission.

Mike founds out the evil scientist's plan to use Amelia's laser to cut through the earth and harness the power of the earth's core. The only problem is this power is to chaotic and very hard to control. If this power is put in the wrong hands, it could destroy the planet. Mike and his team of spies must stop this mastermind before he destroys everything. The team arrives at the scientist's fortress and quickly overpowers the guards. After defeating the bad guys, the team rescues Amelia and return home as heroes.

| 2003 | 1 hr 24 min | 3.9/10
Barry Bostwick, Jay Brazeau, Richard Kind, Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Robert Vince
Produced By
Anna McRoberts, Robert Vince

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