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"A new Nick Carter adventure!"
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  • 1940
  • 1 hr 10 min
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Phantom Raiders is a thrilling war drama movie that was released in 1940. The movie takes place during World War I and follows the story of Major Richard Barton, played by Walter Pidgeon, who is a former aviator who is now stationed in France as a spy. The movie begins as Major Barton is parachuted into enemy territory in order to gather intelligence on German troop movements. He quickly teams up with a group of smugglers who operate in the area and who are planning to steal a shipment of weapons from the Germans. The smugglers are led by Etienne Gerard, played by Joseph Schildkraut, who is a French army officer.

As they prepare for the heist, Major Barton and his team must overcome a series of obstacles, including treacherous terrain, enemy fire, and rival smugglers who are also after the weapons. Along the way, they are aided by a bumbling inventor played by Donald Meek, who has created a new kind of camouflage that could help them evade the Germans.

The movie is packed with action and suspense as Major Barton and his team race against time to complete their mission while avoiding detection by the Germans. There are plenty of thrilling aerial scenes featuring vintage biplanes, as well as ground battles and daring escapes.

One of the most impressive aspects of Phantom Raiders is the attention to detail in capturing the look and feel of World War I-era France. The movie was filmed on location in and around Nice, France, and features stunning views of the Mediterranean coast and the surrounding countryside. The costumes and props are also meticulously designed to be historically accurate.

The cast of Phantom Raiders is also top-notch, with Walter Pidgeon giving a strong performance as the lead. He brings a sense of intelligence and charisma to the role that makes him both believable as a spy and engaging as a hero. Joseph Schildkraut is equally impressive as the dashing Etienne Gerard, who adds a touch of romance and humor to the movie. Donald Meek provides comic relief as the hapless inventor, and the rest of the supporting cast is solid as well.

Overall, Phantom Raiders is a well-crafted adventure movie that is sure to please fans of classic cinema. Its combination of action, suspense, and historical accuracy make it a standout film from the era, and its talented cast brings the story to life with energy and flair. Whether you're a war movie buff or a fan of vintage Hollywood cinema, Phantom Raiders is well worth seeking out.

Phantom Raiders
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