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  • NR
  • 1982
  • 2 hr 23 min

Prema Murthulu is a romantic drama film released in 1982, featuring an ensemble cast including Sobhan Babu, Lakshmi, and Radha in lead roles. Directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy, the movie tells a heartwarming story of love, relationships, and sacrifices. The film revolves around the lives of three main characters: Ravi (Sobhan Babu), Jayanthi (Lakshmi), and Seeta (Radha). Ravi, an ambitious and hardworking young man, leads a content life with his loving wife Jayanthi and their daughter. However, their blissful life takes an unexpected turn when Ravi encounters Seeta, a charming and compassionate woman.

Seeta is an orphan who grew up in an ashram under the care of Gopalam (Prabhakar Reddy), a benevolent man. She holds deep affection for Gopalam and considers him as her father figure. Ravi witnesses the emotional bond Seeta shares with Gopalam and becomes enamored by her kind-hearted nature. Despite being happily married, he finds himself drawn towards her, struggling with his emotions.

As fate would have it, circumstances lead Seeta to Ravi's doorstep, and she becomes part of their household as a close friend. Ravi's growing feelings for Seeta put his marriage at stake, and he finds himself torn between his love for his wife and his infatuation with Seeta. While Jayanthi senses the change in Ravi's behavior, she remains unaware of the depth of his turmoil.

The plot thickens when Gopalam falls ill and requires urgent medical care. Seeta, burdened by the financial strain this situation creates, must make tough choices to arrange the necessary funds. In a selfless act of sacrifice, Ravi decides to help Seeta raise the money, going to great lengths to keep his actions hidden from Jayanthi. Despite his best intentions, secrets have a way of surfacing, and the truth inevitably unravels, shaking the foundation of their relationships.

Prema Murthulu delves deep into the intricate dynamics of love, trust, and sacrifice. It raises questions about the fragility of human relationships and the consequences of betraying one's loved ones. The film showcases the emotional turmoil faced by each character and how they navigate through their feelings in the pursuit of happiness.

Sobhan Babu delivers a compelling performance as Ravi, showcasing a range of emotions from love and confusion to guilt and remorse. Lakshmi and Radha shine in their respective roles, portraying the complexities of their characters with finesse. Their chemistry on screen adds depth and authenticity to the narrative.

The movie is further elevated by its soul-stirring music composed by Chakravarthy. The melodic tunes and heartfelt lyrics beautifully capture the essence of the story, enhancing the emotional impact of the film. Memorable songs like "Manasuna Mallela," "Jabili Kosam," and "Bhale Manchi Roju" remain popular to this day.

Overall, Prema Murthulu is a timeless classic that explores the intricacies of human relationships and the depths of love. With its compelling performances, engaging storyline, and melodious music, the movie leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. It stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and the sacrifices one might make for it.

Prema Murthulu is a 1982 drama with a runtime of 2 hours and 23 minutes.

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