Psychopathia Sexualis

"Tales of Deviance and Forbidden Desire from the Case Studies of Krafft-Ebing."
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The movie Psychopathia Sexualis explored a world of deviant sexual behavior. The movie has four different stories all dealing with perverse sexual acts. This movie has very little talking and is modeled after a silent film. One man in this movie finds that he enjoys sucking the blood from his partners. Another man gets his sexual pleasure from hiring prostitutes and have them step all over him. This movie also features a necrophilia scene. There are also moments where the actors get joy from having relations in coffins, playing with leeches, and whipping each other.

The movie explores the science behind some of these unusual sexual acts and why people find pleasure doing these things. The movie is directed by Bret Wood. It stars Jane Bass, Bryan David, and Veronika Duerr.

| 2005 | 1 hr 42 min | 3.8/10 | 40/100
Kristi Casey, David Weber, Zoe Cooper, Patrick Parker
Bret Wood
Psychopathia Sexualis
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