Sexual Life

"It's all about sex."
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Sexual Life is a romantic comedy drama that was adapted from La Ronde, a play by Arthur Schnitzler. The screenplay was written by Ken Kwapis, who also directed the film. The cast includes actors Azura Skye, Anne Heche, Carla Gallo, Elizabeth Banks, Steven Weber and Tom Everett Scott. The story explores several physical relationships between couples in the Los Angeles area. The plot follows each person as they relate to one each other's circumstance against their own. As a relationship centric film, various stories are depicted such that each character develops full circle through their relationship with the main character.

Josh (played by James LeGros) works as a development professional. Sarah (played by Elizabeth Banks) tries to balance having an illicit sexual experience with Todd (played by Tom Everett Scott) and then a fast romp in the hay with Josh. To complicate matters, Josh is married to Gwen (played by Anne Heche).

To reignite the flames of passion, Gwen and Josh attempt to make things more interesting in their love lives by pretending to be strangers while on a date. However, Gwen is very suspicious that her husband is fooling around, which becomes more evident while at an office party with Todd.

As a form of revenge, Gwen agrees to go on an afternoon lunch date with an old paramour (played by Steven Weber) at a hotel. However, she winds up jumping into the sack with David, the desk clerk (played by Eion Bailey).

The dizzying merry go round of love continues as Rosalie (played by Kerry Washington) pines away for David. The only trouble is, she is getting married to Jerry (played by Dule Hill) very soon.

Basically, no one appears to be happy with the person they are involved with, even while having an illicit tryst. Everyone attempts to maintain their innocence, all the while weaving a web of deception that not even they could possibly believe.

The film was produced for Showtime Independent Films by Carol Baum, Jerry Offsay, Ken Aguado, Bruce Wayne Gillies and Alex Soffer.

| 2004 | 1 hr 36 min | 5.0/10
Azura Skye, Annie Heller, Carla Gallo, Tom Everett Scott
Ken Kwapis
Sexual Life
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Also starring Azura Skye