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"Fame led her away. Faith will lead her home."

The movie release date was October 2010 by Warner Brothers Pictures. The movie was rated as PG or Parental Guidance. The running time at theaters is one hour and fifty minutes. The movie screen writers were Dean and Christopher Cain. Christopher Cain was the director of the movie. The cast of actors and actresses are the following; Jackie Welch plays the role of Aunt Ella, Adam Skaggs played the role as Weston, Katrina Elam played the country singer Bobbie Thomas, George Strait plays himself and Travis Fimmel played the rodeo cowboy Dale Jordan. The three angels were played by Michael McKean as Peter, Bronson Pinchot as Joseph, and Cheech Marin as Pedro.

The angels want to give the beautiful gift of voice, they decide on a new born baby girl whose name was Bobbie. The mother dies during child birth and an African American friend raises Bobbie. However, Bobbie needs to remember if she leaves Aunt Ella’s supervision the three rules that came with the gift of voice from the heavens. The rules were never lie, always be fair and never break a promise. As long as Bobbie followed these three simple rules she could keep her beautiful singing voice. Bobbie begins her journey to Nashville to find stardom as a country singer.

On the other hand, Bobbie looks for a waitress job while in Nashville. She is hired as a waitress at a Sushi Bar. Unfortunately when she told the owner she wasn’t a singer was the first rule she broke with the angels of never telling a lie. Bobbie strays from the life she was brought up with and loses her voice. The angels take the gift away from her and now she will need to do some soul searching to reclaim the voice in a different way. She returns to the small town that she left to make things right from the wrongs she had done in the past.

| 2010 | 1 hr 52 min | 5.1/10
Michael McKean, Bronson Pinchot, Cheech Marin, Jackie Welch
Warner Bros. Pictures
Christopher Cain
Pure Country 2: The Gift

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