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  • 2007
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September Dawn is a historical drama film that was released in 2007. The movie is written and directed by Christopher Cain, who is known for his work on popular films like "Young Guns" and "The Next Karate Kid". The cast of the movie includes well-known actors like Jon Voight, Trent Ford, Tamara Hope, and Terence Stamp. The movie is set in the year 1857, and it tells the story of the Mountain Meadows massacre, which is considered one of the most violent incidents in the history of the American West. The incident took place in Utah and involved a group of Mormon settlers who were traveling to California, as well as a group of emigrants who were headed to California as well. The settlers, who were known as the Mormon militia, attacked the emigrant group and killed over 100 people, most of them women and children.

The movie follows the story of four characters, who are all involved in the Mountain Meadows massacre. The first character is Jonathan Samuelson (played by Trent Ford), who is a young man who is traveling with the emigrant group. He is in love with a woman named Emily (played by Tamara Hope), who is also traveling with the emigrants. The second character is Brigham Young (played by Terence Stamp), who is the leader of the Mormon Church and the Governor of Utah. The third character is John D. Lee (played by Jon Voight), who is the leader of the Mormon militia and the person responsible for organizing the massacre. The fourth character is Jacob Samuelson (played by Shaun Johnston), who is Jonathan's father and a member of the Mormon Church.

The movie begins with the arrival of the emigrant group in Utah. They are welcomed by the Mormons, who provide them with food and water. However, things take a turn for the worse when the Mormon militia receives orders from Brigham Young to attack the emigrants. The attack is brutal and violent, with a large number of innocent people being killed.

Jonathan and Emily manage to escape the attack and hide in the hills. They are eventually found by a group of Mormons, who are sympathetic to their cause. John D. Lee, who is responsible for the attack, is brought to trial for his actions. Brigham Young, who is the person who gave the order to attack, is never held accountable for his actions.

The movie is a powerful and emotional drama that tells the story of a tragic event in American history. The cinematography is stunning, with beautiful shots of the Utah landscape. The acting is also excellent, with Jon Voight giving a powerful performance as John D. Lee. Trent Ford and Tamara Hope also give great performances as the young couple caught in the middle of the violence.

Overall, September Dawn is a moving and thought-provoking movie that sheds light on a dark period in American history. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of the American West, and it is sure to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

September Dawn
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