That Was Then... This Is Now

"Life as a teenager isn't always easy."
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Starring, and co-written by, Emilio Estevez, “That Was Then... This Is Now” is a coming of age drama about a group of Oklahoma teens. Co-starring Morgan Freeman, it is directed by Christopher Cain. The main action of the movie centers around the growing and changing relationship between its two main characters Mark (Estevez) and Byron (Craig Sheffer). Mark and Byron have known one another since childhood and are like brothers. Mark is an orphan, his father having killed his mother after she confessed Mark was another man's son. Byron's mom takes Mark in, and the two boys fast become inseparable.

They fancy themselves little tough guys and run the streets. Mark is older and is more the leader, orchestrating various shenanigans the boys engage in. They steal a car and go on a joyride. They pick fights with other boys around the neighborhood. When Byron's mom falls ill, the two boys begin earning income in their own unique ways. Byron gets a job at at local supermarket. Mark, it is soon revealed, is selling drugs.

Byron begins dating a girl named Kathy (Kim Delaney), and his attention is soon consumed by his first love. Mark, jealous, tries continuously to inveigle Byron into their former life of delinquency. They sometimes seek advice from Charlie (Freeman), the owner of a local pool hall where they hang out. One night they swindle some cowboys out of money, and Charlie intervenes when the cowboys attempt to retaliate. Charlie is accidentally killed, and the boys' world turns upside down. Byron's romance with Kathy intensifies around the same time her little brother, M&M, vanishes.

Bryon and Kathy launch a search for M&M, whom Mark eventually helps them to find. M&M is strung out and sleeping in an abandoned warehouse, and Bryon soon discovers Mark is the culprit. Tensions rise, and Bryon asks Mark to leave his home. Hurt and enraged, Mark takes his destiny into his own hands.

| 1985 | 1 hr 42 min | 6.2/10 | 45/100
Emilio Estevez, Craig Sheffer, Larry B. Scott, Matthew Dudley
Christopher Cain
Produced By
Gary R. Lindberg, John M. Ondov
That Was Then... This Is Now
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