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  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 6.7  (1,961)

Purely Belter is a British movie that was released in 2000. Directed by Mark Herman, this movie is a comedy-drama that tells the story of two teenage friends who set out on a quest to buy season tickets for their beloved football team, Newcastle United. The two main characters are Gerry (Chris Beattie) and Sewell (Greg McLane), two young boys from Newcastle-upon-Tyne who share a deep passion for football. They are both huge fans of Newcastle United, and they dream of seeing every game that the team plays. But there's a problem: they cannot afford season tickets.

Determined to achieve their goal, Gerry and Sewell set out on a series of comical and sometimes dangerous adventures. They come up with several schemes to raise the money they need, including selling drugs and hunting for treasure in a nearby landfill site. Along the way, they face a series of challenges and obstacles that test their friendship.

One of the highlights of the movie is the strong sense of place that it creates. The film takes place in the gritty and rundown neighborhoods of Newcastle, and it captures the spirit and identity of the city. The movie features many Newcastle landmarks, including St James' Park, the Angel of the North, and the Tyne Bridge.

The performances of the two lead actors are also noteworthy. Chris Beattie and Greg McLane give convincing performances as Gerry and Sewell, respectively. They manage to capture the humor, energy, and innocence of their characters, and they bring a sense of authenticity to the movie.

The movie also features several strong supporting performances. Charlie Hardwick plays the role of Geraldine, Gerry's mother. Hardwick brings a strong emotional depth to her character, and her scenes with Beattie are some of the most touching in the movie. Other notable performances include Tim Healy as the boys' football coach, and Roy Hudd as a local businessman who is looking for a quick profit.

Purely Belter is a well-crafted and entertaining movie that manages to strike a balance between comedy and drama. It is a movie that will appeal to fans of football, as well as those who enjoy coming-of-age stories. The film's strong sense of place, engaging performances, and clever humor make it worth watching.

Overall, Purely Belter is a movie that is worth checking out. It is a charming and witty film that captures the spirit and identity of Newcastle. The performances of the cast are outstanding, and the story is engaging and fun. If you're looking for a movie that is both entertaining and heartfelt, Purely Belter is a great choice.

Purely Belter
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  • Runtime
    1 hr 38 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (1,961)