Rafoo Chakkar

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This over-the-top comedic motion picture tells the tale of a couple of men who have run into some serious problems. The film portrays the story of two friends who have just fallen into a very unfortunate situation. They are being chased by very brutal men with the goal of doing very bad things to them. Fearing for their lives the two men attempt to run into hiding. Their best idea is to join an all girl band as a means of disguise. What follows next is nothing short of brilliance. Only time will tell if their plan to thwart the murderers will be successful.

1975 | | 7.0/10
Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Rajendra Nath, Faryal
Narender Bedi
Produced By
I.A Nadiadwala
Rafoo Chakkar
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Also directed by Narinder Bedi

Also starring Neetu Singh