Rangila Ratan

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Rangila Ratan is the story of an adventurous cowboy type of man. He discovers that a lost city in the jungle of Peru is home to many artifacts and beautiful women. Determined to find a new wife, he tells himself that he will do anything to woo one of the tribal beauties. However, in his attempts, hilarious accidents ensue that cause him to be scorned and even punished. This comedic film includes themes of social pressure, adventure, and pranks in a way that is intriguing throughout. Entire families can enjoy the film together and laugh while the characters on screen go at it.

1976 | | 2.9/10
Rishi Kapoor, Parveen Babi, Ashok Kumar, Ajit
S. Ramanathan
Rangila Ratan
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Also directed by S. Ramanathan