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"The Laugh Sensation of the Season!"
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  • 1930
  • 1 hr 28 min
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Rain Or Shine is a 1930 American musical comedy film directed by Frank Capra and starring Joe Cook, Louise Fazenda, and Joan Peers. The film tells the story of a circus owner named Doc Quackenbush who is faced with bankruptcy when his star attraction is injured. With his quirky ensemble of circus performers, Quickenbush sets out to save the circus and win back the heart of his estranged wife.

The film's plot revolves around Doc Quackenbush (Joe Cook), a man who owns a small circus struggling to stay afloat. The circus is his life, and he is deeply committed to his performers and their well-being. When his star acrobat, Zara (Renee Whitney), injures herself during a performance, the circus can no longer afford to pay its bills. To make matters worse, Quickenbush's wife, Judith (Louise Fazenda), has left him and is living in luxury with her wealthy father.

Determined to save the circus and win back Judith's love, Quickenbush decides to embark on a daring scheme. He will mortgage everything he owns to buy a new, state-of-the-art circus tent and hire the famous trapeze artist, Earl Lundy (Johnnie Walker), to replace Zara as the main attraction. This plan is risky because Quickenbush has no money left and the bank will not give him any more loans.

Quackenbush's ensemble of circus performers includes a clown named Professor Higgins (Bert Roach), a strongman named Hercules (Robert E. Homans), and a dwarf named Napoleon (George Kotsonaros). They are all fiercely loyal to Quickenbush and eager to help him save the circus. Even Judith is moved when she sees the performers' dedication and love for their boss.

The film is filled with lively musical numbers and comedy skits performed by the circus troupe. There are thrilling acrobatic stunts and hilarious clown routines that showcase the performers' talents. For example, the scene where Professor Higgins tries to woo a young lady (Joan Peers) by performing a magic trick is hilarious.

Rain Or Shine is a charming film that captures the spirit of the circus and its unique way of life. The film deals with themes of loyalty, love, and perseverance. Joe Cook gives a charismatic performance as Doc Quackenbush, and his chemistry with Louise Fazenda is delightful. Johnnie Walker is also wonderful as Earl Lundy, the handsome and talented new star attraction.

The film's direction by Frank Capra is skillful; he captures the excitement and energy of the circus while also giving the characters depth and emotion. The cinematography by Joseph Walker is impressive, with stunning shots of the circus tent and the performers' acts.

Rain Or Shine is a charming film that showcases the talents of its cast and crew. It captures the magic of the circus and the relationships between its performers. Even though the film is almost a century old, it still manages to entertain and delight audiences today. It is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those who remember the golden age of the circus and a delightful introduction for those who have never experienced it.

Rain Or Shine
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