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"He lost his family, he was left behind, now he will show them they made two fatal mistakes!"
  • 2000
  • 5.0  (378)

Rakshak is an Indian action-thriller film directed by Ashok Honda and released in 1996. The film stars Suniel Shetty, Karisma Kapoor, and Sonali Bendre in lead roles. The movie revolves around the character of Inspector Rohit Verma(played by Suniel Shetty), a fierce and daring police officer known for his relentless pursuit of justice.

The story of Rakshak follows Inspector Rohit Verma, who is assigned the task of catching a notorious criminal named Kali (played by Arun Invetsa). Kali is known for his money laundering schemes and has managed to evade the police for a long time. Inspector Verma, however, is determined to bring Kali to justice at any cost, even if it means risking his own life.

As the story unfolds, Inspector Rohit Verma uncovers a bigger conspiracy involving not just Kali but a much larger criminal network. He teams up with his colleague, Inspector Taj Ahmed (played by Karisma Kapoor), to take down the criminal ring and bring peace to the city.

The movie features several thrilling action sequences, culminating in an intense finale that sees Inspector Verma taking on Kali and his entire gang single-handedly. Suniel Shetty delivers a standout performance as the brave police officer, displaying both his physical prowess and acting skills.

The film also touches on themes of justice, corruption, and the power of determination. Inspector Verma is shown as a relentless force, committed to bringing the criminals to justice, no matter the cost. The movie also showcases the support of the police force and highlights how a collective effort can lead to positive outcomes.

Apart from Suniel Shetty, Karisma Kapoor and Sonali Bendre leave their mark in their respective roles. Kapoor's character Taj Ahmed provides a strong supporting role and proves to be a reliable ally for Inspector Verma in his mission. Sonali Bendre's character is the love interest of Verma and adds a romantic angle to the film.

Musically, the movie features some memorable songs such as 'Sundara Sundara' and 'Tujhe Rab Ne Banaya', which continue to be popular among Bollywood fans to this day. The film's background score is also noteworthy, adding to the thrilling and dramatic tone of the movie.

Overall, Rakshak is a must-watch for fans of action movies and anyone who enjoys a thrilling crime drama. It provides a solid and engaging story with some great performances from its cast. It's a movie that has stood the test of time and remains a cult classic in Indian cinema.

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